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To Hull & Back Short Story Anthology 2015

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buy the anthology - about the anthology - anthology video - book launch - anthology cover

The To Hull & Back humorous short story competition anthology 2015, which was released on October 31st (AKA Hulloween), is available to purchase from Amazon. Full details can be found below.

To Hull & Back Short Story Anthology 2015

Cover by Lukas Miguel, featuring the delectable visage of winner Radovana Jágriková

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Where to Buy The Anthology

You can buy PDF copies of the anthology from me. Or you can buy the anthology from Amazon. The book is available in both print and Kindle formats.

Kindle Copies of the Anthology

You can purchase Kindle eBook copies of the anthology here.

The book is also available on all of Amazon's country specific websites. Just search for the following Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN):


Printed Copies of the Anthology

You can buy printed copies of the book on Amazon here.

PDF Copies of the Anthology

Purchasing a PDF is the cheapest way to buy the To Hull & Back 2015 anthology. Pay via PayPal using this button:

2015 Anthology PDF £3.99

The PDF will be sent to your registered PayPal email address within 48 hours.

If you want the PDF sent to a different email address, just let me know - you'll be able to do this during the checkout process.

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About The To Hull & Back Anthology

This humorous anthology presents a collection of 26 short stories from the winning, highly commended and shortlisted entrants of the 2015 contest. The book also contains a story written by each of the judges.

The stories in this book are fun and quirky, written by writers with vivid imaginations. This means all the tales are highly original and entertaining to read. I predict that each will become a fable of mirth and legend in the future (after the inevitable zombie apocalypse of 2033 (yes, my middle name is Nostradamus (be very afraid…))).

The authors featured in this anthology are:

Adele Smith, Adena Graham, Andy Melhuish, Bernie Deehan, Christie Cluett, Christopher Fielden, Dan Brotzel, Danny Shilling, Dirk Puis, Georgina Sanjana, Ian Tucker, Jade Williams, John Emms, Jonathan Macho, Mark Rutterford, Mel Ciavucco, Mike Scott Thomson, Olivia Arroy, Patrick Tuck, Radovana Jágriková, Scott Johnston, Sheila Corbishley, Steph Minns, Stuart Aken and Will Haynes. You can see all their biographies on the 2015 competition results page.

The anthology was released on 31st October 2015 (Hulloween). The winner’s copy of the book made a journey on the Highway to Hull (see the video below), strapped to a two-wheeled chariot of rampant noisiness. You can learn more about the meaning of the previous sentence and the To Hull & Back competition (which currently offers the awesomest prize in the field of literature) on the To Hull & Back short story competition page.

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The To Hull & Back 2015 Video

To Hull & Back - the second video, filmed April/May 2016

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Anthology Book Launch Party

The 2015 To Hull & Back anthology launch party took place at Cafe Kino, which is located at 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU, UK, on Saturday 21st November 2015.

To Hull & Back anthology launch at Cafe Kino in Bristol

From left to right: Lukas Miguel, Ian Tucker, Chris Fielden, Mark Rutterford, Christie Cluett, Andy Melhuish, Mel Ciavucco and Danny Shilling

Lots of people turned up. Many delicious beverages were supped. I compèred the evening (in an ever increasingly inebriated manner - sorry). There were readings from Leah Eades (who read the winning story as Radka was unable to attend the event), Jonathan Macho, Mark Rutterford and Christie Cluett. We closed the evening by showing the winner’s video from the 2014 competition.

To Hull & Back anthologies

A veritable myriad of To Hull & Back short story anthologies

Thank yous

I’d like to say a big thank you to Andy Melhuish, Christie Cluett, Mel Ciavucco, Mike Scott Thomson and Steph Minns for helping me judge the competition this year. These guys all give their time for free and do a fabulous job of working to my demanding deadlines.

I’d also like to thank Lukas Miguel for doing such an awesome job with the artwork for the book's cover.

Christie, Mark & Mel at To Hull & Back 2015

Christie, Mel and Mark, all looking very pleased with themselves

Unfortunately, Jonathan Macho and his family had to dash off before the picture at the top of this section was taken - they'd come over from Wales and the Mega Bus waits for no man, woman or beast. So, in what is becoming an unwanted tradition, at least one of the authors who attended the event isn't in the photo. To make up for this, Jonathan is pictured reading below.

Jonathan Macho

Jonathan Macho, doing an awesome reading of his story 'On A Cross Of Iron'

Maybe next year I can get it together enough to get a picture of everyone together. Third time lucky and all that... we shall see.

Below are pictures of the other writers who did readings. Big thanks to all of them - the readings were superb.

Leah Eades

Leah Eades, reading Radovana Jágriková's winning story 'Too'

Mark Rutterford

Mark Rutterford, reading 'Ups and Downs'

Christie Cluett

Christie Cluett, reading 'Bag Packers'

Finally, thanks to everyone who came to the launch and entered the competition. All of your support is MUCHOS appreciated and is helping the competition gain more recognition, which helps humorous stories obtain more exposure. Boom.

A Few More Pictures

Below are some more fine pictures from the party. Enjoy :-)

To Hull & Back 2015

Lukas, Ian, Chris, Mark, Christie, Andy, Mel and Danny, looking like legends

To Hull & Back stage at Cafe Kino

The stage, all set up with banners and ready to go

Christopher Fielden

Me, talking about To Hull & Back 2

Jonathan Macho reading

Jonathan, reading his story

To Hull & Back video

Screening the video filmed earlier in 2015 with Mike Scott Thomson

To Hull & Back video

Me & Mike, in Hull, doing what we do best

To Hull and Back book launch November 2015

Meeting and greeting

The crowd at To Hull & Back launch

People getting ready to read or listen

Christopher Fielden

Me, talking more

To Hull & Back after launch party

Some post launch drinky-poos

The end. Until next year!

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Anthology Cover

The 2015 To Hull & Back anthology cover was created by Lukas Migueal.

Lukas Miguel

Lukas Miguel

Lukas's bio will be available at some point, if he ever gets around to sending it to me. It's only been a year. No rush, Lukas... :-)

You can learn more about Lukas's amazing talent on his website.

To Hull & Back Short Story Anthology 2015 Full Book Cover

To Hull & Back Anthology 2015, Full Book Cover by Lukas Miguel

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Your comments:

Stuart A
Looking forward to receiving my copy, ordered today. Should be a good read.

Chris Fielden
Excellent, I hope you enjoy all the other writers' stories, Stuart :-)

Stuart A
I'll review it on Goodreads, but Amazon won't let me put one up, of course, as a contributing author. Cover looks good!

Mark R
Great job Chris - hope you're feeling very pleased. And what a brilliant cover!

Looking forward to reading all the stories.

Chris Fielden
Stuart - fabulous, thank you.

Mark - thank you very much, my head is swelling somewhat :-) I hope you enjoy all the other tales of mirth and legend.

Dirk P
Dear Chris, I'm sorry to have to inform you that I won't be able to attend the anthology book launch party. I looked it up in google maps: getting there on my bike would take 3 days and 21 hours, and that's only one way!

If you see an opportunity, please say/shout/belch hello from me to everyone at the party.

I absolutely loved taking part in your competition, and I'm extremely proud of my results. I'll certainly try to compete again next year.

All the best, and party like there's no tomorrow.

Chris Fielden
Hi Dirk, sorry to hear that, but understand that would be one hell of a ride, especially at this time of year!

I will do a shout out from you at the event for sure.

Look forward to reading your 2016 entry :-)

Ian T
Chris, just to say well done (and thank you) for all the effort putting on the book launch last night. Joanne and I certainly enjoyed it and we hope you did too. All four readings were admirable - particularly, I thought, Jonathan's.

I hope your Hull ride in spring goes well and next year's contest is as successful, if not more.

Chris Fielden
Hi Ian, thank you :-)

Yes, Jonathan did a great job, especially as that was his first reading.

Thanks for coming along – all the support was much appreciated.

Sarah E
Brilliant and so glad it was such a success.

Chris Fielden
Thanks Sarah :-)