'These darkly comic tales place the author snugly between Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Be sure: Chris Fielden is one funny feller.' Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Award winner.
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Adverbially Challenged Volume 1

Profits From Book Sales are Donated to Charity

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I'm proud to present Adverbially Challenged Volume 1 - an anthology filled with 100 adverb-riddled flash-fiction stories that were submitted to Mike’s Not-Entirely-Serious Wantonly-Rule-Breaking Adverb Writing Challenge.

You'll find more details about the book here and full details on how to purchase the book here.

Proceeds from anthology sales are donated to First Story, a UK based charity that use writing to foster creativity and communication skills in schools.

Adverbially Challenged Volume 1 Book Anthology

Adverbially Challenged Volume 1 - Cover by David Fielden

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Where to Buy Adverbially Challenged Volume 1

You can buy the adverb anthology from Amazon. It's available in print, Kindle and eBook formats. You can also buy PDF copies of the book directly from me.

Profits generated by book sales are donated to charity. You can learn more about that in the 'about the anthology' section below.

Kindle Copies of the Anthology

You can purchase Kindle eBook copies of the anthology on Amazon here.

The book is available on all of Amazon's country specific websites. To find it, either search for the book by name or search for the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN):


You don't have to own a Kindle to read this version of the anthology. You can download a free Kindle app for most device types from Amazon.

Printed Copies of the Anthology

You can purchase printed paperback copies of the book on Amazon here.

The ISBNs of the book are:

  • ISBN: 1539894770
  • ISBN-13: 978-1539894773

PDF Copies of the Anthology

You can buy PDF copies of the book directly from me.

Simply pay via PayPal using the button below and I'll email you a copy of the book within 48 hours.

Adverbially Challenged Volume 1 PDF £1.49

Please remember to check your spam folders - PDF attachments can sometimes result in emails being flagged as spam.

About Adverbially Challenged Volume 1

Adverbially Challenged Volume 1 contains 100 stories submitted to Mike’s Not-Entirely-Serious Wantonly-Rule-Breaking Adverb Writing Challenge. The stories were written by 91 authors from all over the globe.

The challenge was conceived by Mike Scott Thomson while he was writing a post for my website. You can read his post here.

Chris Fielden & Mike Scott Thomson

A blurry pic of Mike and me drinking booze after a book launch

The adverb writing challenge opened for submissions in April 2016 and the book was released in November 2016. At the time of writing, we already have over 50 submissions in the proverbial bag for Volume 2.

The Writers In The Anthology

The authors featured in the book have very generously submitted their work, allowing me to publish their stories in support of charity.

The authors featured in the anthology are:

Allen Ashley, Alyssa Audet, Amanda Garzia, Andrew Szemeredy, Anita MacCallum, Anne Whittet, Annemarie Allan, Bea Hutchings, Becky Wooley, Betty Hattersley, Brenda Bannister, C.I. Selkirk, Carl Franz, Carol Moeke, Carolyn Cahalane, Catherine Jacobsen, Charmian Steven, Christopher Fielden, Chris Tattersall, Christian Parker, Christine Jarvis, Courtney Dark, Crilly O’Neil, D. Angelone, Danielle Wayman, David Webb, Dean Walker, Deborah Price, Diana Lynn, Ejder S. Raif, Emma Rogers, Frank Dougherty, Gail Aldwin, Giselda Donavado, Glen Donaldson, Hannah R. Harney, Ian Richardson, Ian Tucker, James Gerrard, Jan Pearce, Jerry Wilson, Jilly Welch, JJ Otero, Joe Haywood, John Bryant, John McCormick, John Rickett, John Wilks, Jonathan Macho, Joseph Hancock, Joseph Isaacs, June Lee, Kathy Steinemann, Laura Besley, Leah Kessler, Lesley Truchet, Madeline Fyre, Mangal Patel, Marion Turner, Mary Irene Masaba, Melanie Garant, Michael Donoghue, Michael Rumsey, Mike Scott Thomson, Missy Kirtley, N. Ramsay, Nastasya Parker, Pamela Percy, Paul Nevin, Penny Allen, Peter Collins, Rene Salinas, Rowena Sheehan, S.B. Borgersen, S.T. Ranscht, Sandra Orellana, Sandra Unerman, Sheila Corbishley, Shirley Muir, Simon Williams, Soisiri Charin, Steph Sybliss, Stephen Oram, Suzanne McConaghy, Tanya Aydon, Terry Jackman, Thomas MacCallum, TM Caldwell, Valerie Griffin, Vanessa Couchman and Ville Nummenpää.

How Book Sales Support Charity

The profit margin on each book is approximately £1 GPB (one pound/quid). This amount does vary quite a bit, depending on many factors, including:

  • which country the buyer lives in
  • current exchange rates
  • different tax rates
  • which distribution channel the purchase is made from
  • changes in print costs
  • etc.

I've priced the book to give an average profit of £1. So, for every book sold, £1 will be donated to First Story.

First Story Charity Logo

First Story change lives through writing by bringing talented, professional writers into secondary schools serving low-income communities to work with teachers and students to foster creativity and communication skills. You can learn a lot more about this amazing charity on the about page on their website.

I will make a payment to First Story every 3 to 6 months, depending on the volume of sales.

How Much Money Has Been Donated to Charity to Date?

I will keep a record of how much money has been raised via book sales on the page about the Adverb Challenge - see the link under the next heading.

Future Adverb Anthologies

We are always collecting stories for the Adverbially Challenged anthologies . Every submission is published. If you would like to read the current submissions or submit a story yourself, please visit the adverb writing challenge page.

I run many other writing challenges in support of charity. For current details, please check out the writing challenges page.

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Anthology Cover

The anthology cover was created by David Fielden. As you may have guessed, Dave is my brother.

David Fielden and Christopher Fielden

Dave Fielden & Chris Fielden, pictured at the Colston Hall in Bristol, excitedly preparing to geek out at a splendiferous John Carpenter gig

Dave works in website design (he built and maintains this website). He plays in a few rock bands; AD/HD, Boom & The Tiny Explosion and Ye Gods! His company is called Bluetree.

Dave and I both share the same birthday, but were born 3 years apart. When Dave was born, our parents put a toy Porsche in his crib as a birthday gift to me. I still have it, although I painted it when I was about 6, so it looks a little the worse for wear (I'm being polite - 'shit' is the correct terminology).

As a child I remember being fascinated by the soft spot on Dave's baby head and being scolded repeatedly for pressing it. Thus, I'm responsible for Dave being so 'special'. At least he has an excuse...

Adverbially Challenged Volume 1 Full Book Cover

Adverbially Challenged Volume 1, Full Book Cover by David Fielden

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Mary D
You're just amazing Chris!

Chris Fielden
Ah, thank you Mary :-)

John W
Great stuff! Any way of getting the book without going through the Evil Amazon Empire? (Otherwise I guess that's what I'll do!)

Chris Fielden
Hi John. You can buy the book directly from CreateSpace, but Amazon own that company.

The book will be available in other online bookshops through distribution networks, but some of the money would still go to Amazon as they distribute it.

Anne W
Hallo Chris. Thank you for all your hard work in producing the first adverbially challenged anthology! I have ordered a hard copy and will download another on to my Kindle.

Chris Fielden
Fabulous, thank you Anne :-)