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Chris Fielden Drums

Chris Fielden, playing drums with Little Villains in Berlin on the Philthy Lies Tour in 2019

I’ve played drums and sung (I use the term loosely – ‘holler’ might be a more accurate account of the noise I make with my mouth) in rock bands for many years. These include, Little Villains, Ye Gods!, Airbus, 3 Day Week, Jinxremover, The Stratt Williams Endurance and AD/HD.

In the menu on the left are links to pages containing videos, music and details of the different band websites, along with a very brief account of each band’s history.

Below are some drumming 'action' pics from some of the different bands I've been lucky enough to play in.

Little Villains

You can learn more about Little Villains here.

Chris Fielden Drumming

Berlin, Germany 2019

Chris Fielden Little Villains

Paal, Belgium 2019

Chris Fielden Drums Little Villains

Berlin, Germany 2019


You can learn more about Airbus here.

../images/Airbus drummer Chris Fielden

Münster, Germany 2017

Chris Fielden at the Bierkeller with Airbus

Bristol, UK 2017

Three Day Week

You can learn more about Three Day Week here.

Chris Fielden drummer in Three Day Week

Watchet, UK 2018

Chris Fielden drummer

South Glos Show, UK 2017


You can learn more about AD/HD here.

Chris Fielden AD/HD AC/DC tribute

Bristol, UK 2017

Chris Fielden AD/HD drummer

Northampton, UK 2016

Ye Gods!

You can learn more about Ye Gods! here.

Chris Fielden Ye Gods

Portishead, UK 2009

If you want to hear wise words about rock music, I feel this summarises everything. It's an interview with Lemmy Kilmister out of Motorhead. He's a lot more intelligent than most people like to believe.


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Ryanne W
Hi! Do you know of any song writing contests? For song writers to submit non-professional recordings of their songs, just to provide an example of the music behind the lyrics, but NOT judged on singing voice?

I would love to enter a song... but it's not as humorous, relatable or impactful without the melody. Would LOVE to sell it eventually!

I have no idea whether you would know any such thing... but thought I would ask!

Chris Fielden
Hi Ryanne. Thanks for your message.

I'm afraid I don't know of any music writing contests. Sorry I can't be of more help.

I hope you find something :-)