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The 3rd studio album from UK rock band Airbus

You by Airbus

Release date: 11th September 2021

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List of Digital Distribution Partners

Here is a complete list of our digital distribution partners, where the album is available for download and streaming:

Amazon Music
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Tencent Music Entertainment
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About the Album

Released on Spira Records, You is the third studio album by UK rock band Airbus, featuring:

Airbus band

From left to right: Simon Hedges on bass, James Childs on guitar / vocals, Nick Davidge on vocals / guitar, Chris Fielden on drums

There are 13 songs on the CD and vinyl:

1: Safer
2: I
3: If There's an Angel
4: Alone Again
5: Thicker
6: You
7: Choke
8: Sometimes
9: Nothing's for Free
10: Save Yourself
11: Get Away
12: Lazy
13: The Ghost

Total runtime is approx. 44 minutes


Released on Spira Records, YOU is the third studio album from UK rock band AIRBUS, featuring 13 songs that are the group’s most powerful statement to date.

The album was recorded in an ancient cottage in Portishead called The Grange, where lead singer Nick Davidge lived. The band turned the entire upstairs floor into a studio, financed by their previous successes and touring.

YOU showcases songs recorded in the early ’90s. AIRBUS were prolific during this time, enjoying full artistic freedom. Songs would flow freely, often at a pace faster than the group could represent, leaving a large amount of their catalogue unreleased.

This album came about after many years of transporting master tapes to the USA from the UK, one or two reels at a time. Due to their age, the tapes were baked and the audio was carefully lifted from them using a 24-track 2-inch tape machine. The songs were then mixed, keeping a warm analogue feel, true to the time when the music was recorded.

A variety of videos have been made to support the album. Some were filmed recently, using modern technology to create a cinematic feel. Others use footage from the band’s live gigs during the early ’90s, showcasing powerful performances from the time when the songs were originally written.

AIRBUS believes that the music featured on this album stands the test of time and deserves to be released. YOU paves the way for their next album, IMPERIAL GUNPOWDER, which the band are currently working on in the studio. It will contain brand-new material.

You can learn more about Airbus on their website and on our drummer Chris's website (which you're on now).

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“‘Simplicity is the mother of all pop’ is a universal Airbus proudly extol and display in frankly gorgeous tracks. ‘Save Yourself’ employs wiry guitar licks and spaced-out sounds but never forgets to be entertaining and thus memorable. Track two, ‘I’, is just gorgeous. Single to the charts please, driver.” Venue review, written by CJ Warren.

“This album is a corker. If it had come out mid ’90s, it would have been – along with Modern Life is Rubbish (Blur) and Different Class (Pulp) – one of the classics. You sums up all the good things about Britpop and the British indie scene from that period. It’s got the drive and rock 'n' roll guts of Oasis, without the overblown ego. In places it’s got the psychedelic influences of Kula Shaker. It’s got the street cred of Ocean Colour Scene. It’s got the inventiveness of Blur. And it’s got a big hat tip to some of the Bristol indie punk bands like The Seers and Herb Garden. This is just a great album. Overall, I’m very, very impressed. Add it to your collection. You will fuckin’ love it.” Jon Wisbey, AKA The Rock Druid, DJ of The Sunday Rock Show on BCFM Radio 93.2FM, The Rock Druid Show on Astro Radio and host of A Druids Dozen.

"Short of hopping in a TARDIS and pushing your way to the front of the crowd when Mazzy Star performed at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to transport yourself back to the '90s. If you can imagine what an aural cocktail of The Zombies, Elliott Smith and The Beatles would sound like, you’ll get an idea of the dreamy, colourful accordance that is weaved in the standout single ‘I’. Reminiscences aside, the band’s masterfully melodic presence on the airwaves once more is a breath of fresh kaleidoscopic air. The lead track carries that dreamy feel of wholesome wild abandon that most have forgotten how to offer in the 21st century." A&R Factory review, written by Amelia Vandergast.

"In some pieces, there is an air of decadence that put me in mind of cigarettes dangling from lips and half-empty whiskey bottles resting on the table of some provincial bar. If that weren't enough, Airbus are able to go from beloved Beatles melodies combined with '70s beat rock, to the slower and more dangling rhythm of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and then to an alternative 'soiled by punk' sound. If you think that all these genres create a lot of chaos, you are wrong. Everything is poured on the listener in small doses from different songs. Listen to 'If There's an Angel' with its intertwining guitars, and enjoy its mix of genres played with passion. Alternatively, you can focus on a certain '70s hypnotism infused with the more intimate and acoustic moments of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in 'Nothing's For Free'. If you are one of those who live in moments of schizophrenia, try to cure yourself, or completely devastate yourself, by listening to the concluding track, 'The Ghost'. The recordings on You have a raw and genuine sound." All Around Metal review, written by Corrado Franceschini.

"This album offers an interesting blend of material. A lot of the songs have a post-punk spirit to them, with staccato riff and rhythm driving the songs. The songs tend toward both grunge and indie rock, similar to R.E.M. Underpinnings of garage rock and noise rock are also part of the sound, with quite a few of the songs featuring subtle psychedelic details. There's just a 90's indie rock flavour to the mix and production here, and it appears to have been a deliberate choice to preserve that spirit from the original recordings. Those with a firm interest in a more expressive variety of mid '90s indie and alternative rock strike me as the perfect audience for this production." Viking in the Wilderness, review written by Olav M. Björnsen.

"An interesting album full of good music and arrangements, nice dual guitar and vocal harmonies supported by superb drum and bass accompaniments. The songs are powerfully dynamic with excellent musicianship throughout. Unlike so many of these suddenly discovered collections of unused tracks, they are all of a very high standard in terms of both recording quality and musical interest. The actual tunes are very interesting and enjoyable – an assortment of various rock styles blending a ‘Punk’ attitude with a more considered seventies noisy ‘Sleaze’ guitar-led style. There are many forays along routes of a more sensitive nature with excellent vocal collaborations and two-part harmonic ventures. Well-considered guitar interventions can be found spread all around. These often take the shape of stimulating dual led guitar arrangements. The vocals are of a very high standard ranging from ‘Beatles’ like intonations to ‘Squeeze’ like similarities, together with ‘The Killers’ high energy dispositions. It will be very interesting to see what their next studio album ‘Imperial Gunpowder’ throws up."Prog Planet review, written by Geoff Penn.

“Absolutely sublime (sublime: an adjective meaning 'awe-inspiringly grand, excellent, or impressive', like the best chocolate fudge sundae you've ever had).” Facebook review, written by Doctor Shayner.

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