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The Stratt Williams Endurance

The Endurance are a 3 piece playing the music of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Stratt Williams has a very unhealthy infatuation with Hendrix, and the Endurance obey his every whim, allowing him to indulge his passion for emulating his hero. We actually do it surprisingly well, if we don’t consume too much booze. Unfortunately, we all like the sweet nectar which is Pigs Ear...

The Stratt Williams Endurance poster


This video was shot at the abode of Sacred Rich in Portishead back in 2008. A pig was being roasted and Stratt and I got utterly mashed on Pigs Ear while waiting for Chev, our bassist, who was stuck in a traffic jam on the M5. So, the performance is a tad messy with a few Jazz-Odyssey moments, but this is the only recording I have of the band to share.


Ye Gods! 10th Anniversay all day Mestival, Clarence House, Portishead - 19th July 2014

Stratt Williams Endurance Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Bike Show, Filton, Bristol - 7th May 2011

Stratt Williams Endurance

A BBQ, The Abode of Sacred Rich, Portishead - 9th August 2008

The Stratt Williams Endurance - Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Itch Bitchell & Stratt Williams - twatted on Pigs Ear


Stratt Willaims (Himself) - guitar and vocals

Noel Bedding (Geoff Rose) - bass

Itch Bitchell (Chris Fielden) - drums

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