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Café De Stam

Another hard rock, heavy metal, rock and roll album by Little Villains

Released on Spira Records (SR020)

Café De Stam by Little Villains

Release date: 29th March 2024

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About the Album

Released on Spira Records, Café De Stam is the fifth studio album by rock band Little Villains, featuring:

Little Villains

From left to right: Chris Fielden on drums / vocals, James Childs on vocals / bass, Owen Childs on guitar / vocals

There are 10 songs on the record:

1. Café De Stam
2. Rocking Horse Shit
3. Piece by Peace
4. Ian Maiden
5. Gattling Gun
6. Gobsmacked
7. The Man From Du Monte
8. Lidl Villains
9. Run You Through
10. Half Past Dead

Total runtime is approx. 31 minutes

The album was recorded at the Stujo in Los Angeles, California, USA.


CAFÉ DE STAM is the fifth studio album from UK rock / metal band LITTLE VILLAINS, released on SPIRA RECORDS. The album features James Childs on vocals / bass, Owen Childs on guitar and Chris Fielden on drums. The band play loud, hard and heavy.

“The band features a heavy and hard rock ‘n’ roll sound, with fast-paced beats and riffs with a Motörhead feel. Little Villains has a classic sound, with an old-school, raw production. If you were or are a fan of Motörhead, I’d totally check Little Villains out.” Metal Temple review by Jared Lacks

The new album is named after one of the band’s favourite gig venues in Paal, Belgium. Guy Baptist owns and runs the bar – he is pictured on the album cover with LITTLE VILLAINS. The band will be touring in April 2024 in the UK and Europe. And yes, they will be playing at Café De Stam!

CAFÉ DE STAM was recorded at the Stujo in Los Angeles, California, USA, and comprises 10 songs. Total runtime 31 mins. Villainous videos have been filmed for the singles ‘Café De Stam’ and ‘Rocking Horse Shit’. They’ll be released via the band’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. More videos are in the pipeline.

LITTLE VILLAIN’S first two albums, PHILTHY LIES (Heavy Psyche Sounds Records) and TAYLOR MADE (Cleopatra Records), featured the late, great Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor from the classic MOTÖRHEAD line-up. The band continues to rock in memory of their friend.

You can learn more about Little Villains on their website and on our drummer Chris's website (which you're on now).

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“Little Villains carry the spirit of the underground with them wherever they go and with their fifth album ‘Café de Stam’ they do it all over again. This is a band that don’t waste their time arsing about with massive production and huge arrangements. ‘Café de Stam’ has the band putting their foot to floor with their punk as fuck, middle finger in the air attitude. It is this quality which makes Little Villains so appealing, so real. They don’t hide behind anything, they get out there and do it with a sound not too far removed from Hawkwind in the late 70’s. Naturally, this will pass by those who prefer their rock to be a little more polished, but if you want an album that sounds exactly like the band are playing in your living room, just for you, then Café de Stam is right up your street.” Metal Digest review, by Adam McCann

"Little Villains play heavy and dirty, hard rock 'n' roll with a good injection of Motörhead inspiration, which comes from the legendary Phil Taylor who was part of the band's line-up on the first two albums, 'Philthy Lies' and 'Taylor Made'. The band have continued the style to pay tribute to the memory of Phil on their subsequent releases, and this is no exception. Fortunately, Little Villains have their own sound despite the foundation that Philthy planted. The ten tracks on the disc are straight out rock 'n' roll. There's no showing-off and an abundance of loudness, straight to the bone. Tracks like 'Ian Maiden', 'Gobsmacked' and the last cut 'Half Past Dead' are strong contenders for best song. If you are a fan of Motörhead, then this disc is not one you should miss. 8/10." Momme, Metalized (Danish print magazine)

"Another fine piece of melodic, bestial rock ‘n’ roll.  Consistently enjoyable, Little Villains churn out some seriously good-time tunes." Adrain Lee, YouTube

"By melding classic rock rhythmics with the frenetic mayhem of metal, Café De Stam will go down a storm with Motorhead and Venom fans. Little Villains ensured none of the high-octane energy from their rock n roll to the core performance was lost in the raw production of the infectiously razor-sharp hit... The anthem of defiance brought to life with an infectious sense of devil may care rebellion, goes beyond paying an ode to the pioneers; it is the ultimate aural antidote to the ennui of our modern times." A&R Factory review, by Amelia Vandergast

”These 3 gentlemen are rocking… good old rock ‘n’ roll with Little Villains’ unique touch.” Hard Rock Info review, by Jimmy Blom

"Little Villains do not change their beliefs one iota for this fifth album. 'Cafè de Stam' mixes the immediacy of less 'caciarone' punk, the raw sound of hard rock at the end of the 70s/early 80s, and a certain psychedelic 'vagueness' with a bit of beat. The band have a playful spirit and pieces like 'Ian Maiden' (it's easy to guess which band gave musical inspiration to this song), the heavy and fast 'Lidl Villains' (written exactly like that) and 'Rocking Horse Shit' have funny lyrics. To make you understand the versatility of the group (and the album), I add that 'Gattling Gun' energizes AC/DC and mixes them with a Rolling Stones-style bridge, and that 'Piece by Peace' easily mixes rock, hard rock and psycho beat. If you are looking for honesty, sweat and fun from rock, trust Little Villains blindly." All Around Metal review, by Corrado Franceschini

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