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Little Villains

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Little Villains Band Logo

About Little Villains

Little Villains started out as a three piece rock band, which involved the late, great Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor, who is most famous for playing drums in Motörhead.

You can find out more about the band:

James Childs formed Little Villains after meeting Philthy in a DIY store checkout-queue in Los Angeles. They got talking and decided to make some music together. James invited Owen Street to play bass. The band went into the studeo, in Palm Springs, and did some recording.

Little Villains original line-up

Little Villains original line-up: James Childs, Phil Taylor and Owen Street

Sadly, Philthy died in 2015, before any of the music was released. In 2018, with the blessing of Philthy's family, James decided to release the music they'd recorded as a tribute to one of rock's most legendary drummers.

Philthy Animal Taylor Little Villains

I first 'met' Philthy in 2005, back in the days when MySpace was popular. He messaged Ye Gods! (one of the other bands I play in) after we sent him a friend request. The messages went like this:


Oh Ye Vile Blasphemers.....

Thou darest call thyselves Gods?!!!

Well, try this and prove it.

Canst thou turn Wine into Water?..........I can.

Canst thou makest Darkend Vile Odorous Brown Heaps from thy very living Bowels, and verily make it so none may touch them??

Hast any one of ye ever been nailed to yon burning door?

And lived?

Hast though exceeded the divine Holy Speed Limit whilst passing a police vehicle on the left?

And then were though brave enough to fling Given Ticket with a fierce hand and crushed it into the dirt?

Hast thou Vomited Heartily with joy in your heart up someone else’s coat sleeve on the late night bus back from The Dead City of Cleckhuddersfax, in the Valley of Why?

Challenged old people that it is NOT their divine right to push in at the checkout queue?

Released all last vestiges of the trapped gas from a cripple’s wheelchair?

All these things and more have I completed in my past life as a MEMBER of a certain Secret Society known only to a few million world wide.


What? You have?

Oh alright then, you can be my “friends”.

But don’t abuse the privilege and ask me questions about... HIM.

He who bears the mark of the Wicked Wart of WICKENBACKER. Or he shall smite us all verily with trick questions about WWII.

NOW GO!!! And do your “THING”. We shall not speak again I fear until “THE DOING HAS BEEN DONE TO DEATH”.

And now rest, for yes, we do rest, oh yes, we do. We rest and we rest on nice comfy mattresses with only a few piss stains (they’ll come out in the wash) from previous owners. I go... phttufff! See? Gone.


Mighty Philthy, Dark Banshee of the Night

Indeed, we do thusly call ourselves Gods with brazen recklessness. Verily may we be punished by those deemed mighty enough to pass such judgment.

Wine into Water? We canst, although ‘tis the yellow, unpleasantly odorous water of piss.

Brown Heaps? Indeedly, with the aid of Bass Ale the foul, brown porridge flows freely.

Yon burning door? A test we have yet to pass... we are not as mighty as thee... yet!

Police? We answer only to the police of Rock Justice. Should ever we produce a tune that we wouldn’t be prepared to take into the belly of hell and play to the horned master without fear of death, then lo, let us be punished...

Cleckhudderfax? A place yet to be visited. Although we understand Hull is similarly so.

Old people? They run in fear of my beard. Let them be scared!

As for the evil warted master of bass madness, no questions shall be asked. None. Ever. And so it shall be!

Your faithful servant, Icecry


Thy reply pleases me. So be it.

Thou shall now be called “FRIENDS” of Philthy.

Verily telleth me where canst this strange “Brown Porridge” be found? This intrigues me. Speak me I say on this Brown Subject. For, the only “ODEROUS” I HAVE KNOWN IN MY THOUSANDS OF YEARS AS A PRO DEITY was a slimy little Demi-God who called himself “Mr. Rogers” and would magically appear upon a magic box called a “smellyvision set”. (Hath thou heard of such vile trickery upon thy plain?) WEARING A STRANGE PIECE OF BODY COVERING CALLED A “CARDIGAN” yet beneath the waist (I am told) out of sight he wore clothing only of which women should be adorned. This baffles me greatly. Why would a person be so strange and “ODEROUS” yet be loved and adored by children and parents alike? You live in a strange World indeed. I was greatly pleased when I heard from my spies “below the WORLD” that he had recently entered that domain and will be boned up the arse for eternity by JOHN HOLMES and all comers with arse splitting dimensions. This pleases me.!!!

Cheers Philthy.


Ah, the brown porridge, a subject frequently asked about; Let it be said:

The Brown Porridge is an entity of extreme pleasure, but at the same time pain; a two horned demon, a double cream walnut whip of split persona.

If one consumes vast quantities of the fabled Bass Ale and then a Chicken Madras, some poppadums and a pint or two of Kingfisher, then after one’s belly has had a night of sleep to contemplate, digest and yay verily and nay ‘process’ said mixture, one’s ass will undoubtedly produce the said Brown Porridge. And it will be joyous. Much fun can be had. One may even feel compelled to find ones friends, and show them what has fallen out of ones ass. Ah, yes, the pleasure at watching the looks of horror spread over their faces as the smell hits them, and yet they are compelled to also look and see what smells so bad.

But be warned. With this joy also comes untold evil. For, though the Porridge of one’s own ass may bring untold joy to the bearer, the porridge of another beings ass has the opposite effect. The Brown Porridge of others brings pain, humiliation and vomiting.

So treat the Brown Porridge with respect, and be weary of it; ‘tis an untamed beast!

Overlord Icecry

Little Villains

And thus, we became MySpace friends with him.

In 2006, I was doing some work with James on Airbus and Jinxremover projects. Philthy came to the studio and we got to hang out.

In my teens, there were 3 bands I listened to relentlessly: AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motörhead. Their music formed the foundation of my love of rock music. I learnt loads from listening to their records and seeing them play live.

I've always been nervous of meeting my heroes, in case they don't live up to my expectations. I had no need to worry. Philthy was down to earth and easy to talk to; a total legend.

In 2018, James told me about his plans for the first Little Villains record. He invited me to play drums on new material and on tour, and to provide some backing vocals for Philthy Lies and Taylor Made. Of course, I said yes.

It's an honour to be part of a band that involved one of my drumming heroes.

Little Villains with Philthy Animal Taylor

Little Villains original line-up: James Childs, Owen Street and Phil Taylor

Late in 2018, James's nephew, Owen Childs, came and jammed with the band at a rehearsal in Bristol, while we were prepping for the 2019 Philthy Lies European tour. Having played together before in AD/HD, we instantly clicked. Philthy Lies was released on Heavy Psyche Sounds Records in March 2019. In April and May, we went on tour as a four piece.

Little Villains in Bristol

James Childs, Owen Childs (AKA Ö) and Owen Street, rehearsing in Bristol, UK

In 2019, Alan Davey – who played bass in Hawkwind for many years – worked on Taylor Made with James, providing bass guitar for the album.

Little Villains Taylor Made line-up

Little Villains Taylor Made line-up: James Childs, Phil Taylor and Alan Davey

In November 2019, James, Ö and I went on the More Lies Tour in Europe as a three piece, continuing to promote the Philthy Lies album.

Taylor Made was released on Cleopatra Records, a label based in LA, in 2020.

Early in 2020, Ö and I flew out to LA and started work on new material for a third Little Villains album with James in The Stujo. We laid down 30 tracks over a 3 week period. We are currently working on this new material and hope to have 2 more albums ready for release in the not too distant future.

Little Villains

Little Villains current line-up : Ö Childs, James Childs and Chris Fielden

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Taylor Made (2020)

Taylor Made album by Little Villains

Release date: 3rd April 2020

Available from Cleopatra Records

Read press coverage about the album on:

Blabber Mouth - Brave Words - Rock Arena -

"I found the music catchy, energetic, melodic, hard rockin', vibrant, and diverse, with a modern groove, lots of character within the song structures, there, the musicianship is thrilling, I think the band sound great. Good solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting, and fabulous vocals throughout, and you can feel the energy and soundwaves through the speakers." Fireworks Magazine

+ more via Google search

Taylor Made album red vinyl

Below is the video for 'Taylor Made', the title track from the Taylor Made album

Philthy Lies (2019)

Philthy Lies album by Little Villains

Release date: 29th March 2019

Available from Heavy Psych Sounds Records

You listen to the single 'What on Earth' for free on Sound Cloud

Little Villains Philthy Lies CD

Read press coverage about the album on:

All That Is Heavy - Blabber Mouth - CORE and CO - Flight of Pegasus - GRIMM Gent

Hard Force - Head Banger - Heavy Metal.IT - Heavy Sound - Loud and Proud - Louder Sound

Metal Fan.NL - Metal Maximum Radio - Metal Talk - Outlaws of the Sun - PureRockUS

Rock Hard - Rock Pages - Sentinel Daily - The Midlands Rocks

+ find bazillions more via Google search

Little Villains Philthy Lies Vinyl

Below is the video for 'Running Around', one of the tracks on the Philthy Lies album

And here is a rockumentary about the making of the Philthy Lies album

Heavy Psyche Sounds Volume IV (2019)

Heavy Psyche Sounds Volume 4

Release date: 30th January 2019

Available for from Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Featuring the Little Villains single 'What on Earth' from the Philthy Lies album. Also features tracks by Brant Bjork, Duel, Nebula, Nick Oliveri, Yawning Man and many more.

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Taylor Made Tour, TBC 2020

Details coming soon...

More Lies Tour, November 2019

Little Villains No More Lies Tour Poster

More Lies tour video:

More Lies tour gig history:

Kulturhof, Lübbenau, Germany - Saturday 16th November 2019

Little Villains Kulturhof More Lies Tour Nov 2019 with Chris Cockrell

Cihellna, Aš, Czechia - Friday 15th November 2019

Little Villains Cihellna More Lies Tour Nov 2019

Kunstverein, Nürnberg, Germany - Wednesday 13th November 2019

Little Villains Kunstverein More Lies Tour Nov 2019

Radio Benelux, Paal, Belgium - Tuesday 12th November 2019

Little Villains Radio Benelux Durango Sessions More Lies Tour Nov 2019

Rock Café, Leuven, Belgium - Monday 11th November 2019

Little Villains Rock Cafe More Lies Tour Nov 2019

De Pekton, Mechelen, Belgium - Sunday 10th November 2019

Little Villains De Pekton More Lies Tour Nov 2019

The Rocking Bull, Antwerp, Belgium - Saturday 9th November 2019

Little Villains The Rocking Bull More Lies Tour Nov 2019

Café De Stam, Paal, Belgium - Friday 8th November 2019

Little Villains Cafe de Stam More Lies Tour Nov 2019

The Poacher, Portishead, UK - Thursday 7th November 2019

Little Villains The Poacher Portishead More Lies Tour Nov 2019

A rare video of Little Villains and Rockin' Rob Rowles playing 'Later That Same Evening' at The Poacher gig

Philthy Lies Tour, spring 2019

Philthy Lies tour poster:

Little Villains Tour Poster Europe 2019

Philthy Lies tour video:

Philthy Lies tour gig history:

The Poacher, Portishead, UK - Saturday 18th May 2019

Little Villains at The Poacher in Portishead, UK

The Dragonffli, Pontypool, UK - Friday 17th May 2019

Little Villains at The Dragonflii in Pontypool, Wales, UK

The Rocking Bull, Antwerp, Belgium - Monday 13th May 2019

Little Villains at The Rocking Bull in Antwerp, Belgium

Cihellna, Aš, Czechia - Saturday 11th May 2019

Little Villains at Cihellna in Aš, Czechia

Zauberberg, Passau, Germany - Thursday 9th May 2019

Little Villains at Zauberberg in Passau, Germany

Kunstverein, Nürnberg, Germany - Wednesday 8th May 2019

Little Villains at Kunstverein in Nürnberg, Germany

Altroquandro, Zero Branco, Italy - Monday 6th May 2019

Little Villains at Altroquandro in Zero Branco, Italy

Splinter Club, Parma, Italy - Sunday 5th May 2019

Little Villains at Splinter Club in Parma, Italy

On Stage, Castelfidardo, Italy - Saturday 4th May 2019

Little Villains at OnStage in Castelfidardo, Italy

Sidro Club, Savignano, Italy - Friday 3rd May 2019

Little Villains at Sidro Club in Savignano, Italy

The Factory, Verona, Italy - Thursday 2nd May 2019

Little Villains at the Factory in Verona, Italy

Rockhouse, Salzburg, Austria - Wednesday 1st May 2019

Little Villains at the Rockhouse in Salzberg, Austria 1 May 2019.JPG

ArsVitae-Café, Rodewisch, Germany - Tuesday 30th April 2019

Little Villains at ArsVitae Cafe in Rodewisch, Germany

Toast Hawaii, Berlin, Germany - Sunday 28th April 2019

Little Villains at Toast Hawaii in Berlin, Germany

Dirty Dancing, Osnabrueck, Germany - Saturday 27th April 2019

Little Villains at Dirty Dancing in Osnabrueck, Germany

7er Club, Mannheim, Germany - Friday 26th April 2019

Little Villains at 7er Club in Mannheim, Germany

Café De Stam, Paal, Belgium - Thursday 25th April 2019

Little Villains at Cafe de Stam in Paal, Belgium

Rockcafé de Engel, Den Helder, Holland - Wednesday 24th April 2019

Little Villains at Rockcafe de Engel in Den Helder, Holland

Radio Benelux, Paal, Belgium - Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Little Villains at Radio Benelux in Paal, Belgium

Rock Cafe, Leuven, Belgium - Monday 22nd April 2019

Little Villains at Rock Cafe in Leuven, Belgium

The Talbot Inn, Calne, UK - Sunday 21st April 2019

Little Villains at The Talbot Inn in Calne, UK

The Old Ham Tree, Holt, UK - Saturday 20th April 2019

Little Villains at the Old Ham Tree in Holt, UK

One of the earlier posters from the 2019 tour:

Little Villains Tour Poster Europe 2019 early version

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James Childs - bass, guitar and vocals

James Alexander Childs

Chris Fielden - drums

Christopher Fielden

Owen Childs - guitar

Owen Childs

Philthy Animal Taylor - drums

Phil Philthy Animal Taylor

Alan Davey - bass

Alan Davey

Owen Street - bass

Owen Street

Little Villains

Little Villains in Los Angeles

Little Villains current line-up: Ö Childs, James Childs and Chris Fielden

Lidl Villains

Lidl Villains on tour in Europe 2019: Owen Childs, Chris Fielden and James Childs

Little Villains band

A pile of Villains, from top to bottom: Chris Fielden, Ö Childs and James Childs

Little Villains

Little Villains Philthy Lies Euro Tour line-up: Owen Street, James Childs, Chris Fielden and Owen Childs

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