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Book of the Bloodless Volume 1:

Alternative Afterlives

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COMING SOON: official publication date is Saturday 30th November 2019

Book of the Bloodless Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives is a collection of my short stories published by Victorina Press, an independent UK publishing house who follow principles of bibliodiversity.

Book of the Bloodless Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives

Book of the Bloodless Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives by Christopher Fielden

Cover designed by David Whitlam

Buy Alternative Afterlives

The book will be available from Victorina Press and most online shops.

Alternative Afterlives is currently available for pre-order from Victorina Press. Orders will be shipped on the 25th of November 2019.

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About The Anthology

The book contains 14 of my short stories, many of which have won awards. All of the stories are themed around death. The genre is humorous fantasy.

International Book Awards Finalist Badge

The book has been awarded the title of 'Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Short Story category of the 2019 International Book Awards', sponsored by American Book Fest.

International Book Awards Finalist: Fiction Short Story

Screenshot from the International Book Awards website for the category Fiction: Short Story

The stories in the book are:

  1. Death of a Superhero
  2. Devil's Crush (click link to read an excerpt)
  3. The Ninja Zombie Knitting Circle (click link to read an excerpt)
  4. Troll's Head
  5. The El Paso Phantom Feeder
  6. The Cat, the Bull and the Madman (click link to read an excerpt)
  7. Mr Kill (click link to read an excerpt)
  8. The Treasure No Thief Can Steal (click link to read an excerpt)
  9. Shot in the Head and Left for Dead
  10. Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap
  11. I Am the Warlock
  12. The Day My Prayers Were Answered
  13. The Keith Of Death
  14. Bloodless (listen to an early version of the story performed at the Bristol Festival of Literature below)

'Bloodless', performed by Christopher Fielden and Christie Cluett at Talking Tales, a short story reading event run in conjunction with the Bristol Festival of Literature

Many of these stories have been published before, in magazines, anthologies and online. Please note that the versions featured in this book have been edited extensively and some are very different to those previously published.

Victorina Press

Victorina Press logo

Excerpts of some of the stories featured in the book are available to read for free in the Short Stories section of this website, or by clicking the links in the list of stories above.

What other people have said about Alternative Afterlives:

'These darkly comic tales place the author snugly between Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Be sure: Chris Fielden is one funny feller.' Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Award winner

'Sharp, subversive and always surprising, Chris's stories are like hiking without a GPS – you think you know where you're going but you end up somewhere else.' Dr Lynda Nash, creative writing tutor

'Extraordinarily good. Darkly laconic humour that made me smile, often when I felt as if I shouldn't.' Sue Moorcroft, Writers’ Forum

'Immaculately crafted stories that hold the attention through every unexpected twist. Keeps the reader surprised, amused and engaged.' Dr John Yeoman, PhD Creative Writing, founder of Writers’ Village

'There is excellent use of humour and the writing is colourful and bold.' Anthony Howcroft, founder and Executive Chairman of InkTears

The Book's Cover

The book cover for Book of the Bloodless Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives was designed by David Whitlam.

Book of the Bloodless Volume 1: Alternative Afterlives full book cover

Dave also created 14 pieces of artwork for the interior of the book. One accompanies each story. Below is an example. It's the picture that accompanies 'I Am the Warlock'.

I Am The Warlock short story by Christopher Fielden

Interior artwork: 'I Am the Warlock'

You can learn more about Dave and his artwork on his website.

Christopher Fielden and David Whitlam

Chris Fielden and Dave Whitlam, pictured in Manchester, UK

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Book Launch

Book launch party dates to be confirmed.

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