'These darkly comic tales place the author snugly between Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Be sure: Chris Fielden is one funny feller.' Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Award winner.
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Sensorially Challenged Volume 3

Profits From Book Sales are Donated to Charity

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I'm pleased to present Sensorially Challenged Volume 3, a flash fiction book crammed with sensorially overloaded tales, overtly stuffed with purple prose, smelly plots, rough characters, raucous conflict and delicious titles.

The book contains 100 sensory stories, written by 100 authors who submitted their sensitive stories to Allen's Sensory Overload Writing Challenge. The book was officially published on 8th May 2021.

Sensorially Challenged Volume 3

Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 - cover artwork by David Fielden

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Where to Buy Sensorially Challenged Volume 3

Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 is available in print and Kindle eBook formats.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to the National Literacy Trust, an independent charity that gives disadvantaged children the literacy skills they need to succeed in life.

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eBook Copies of the Anthology

Kindle eBook copies of the book can be purchased here.

The book can be bought from all of Amazon's websites. You can find it by searching for the book by name or the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN):


You don't have to own a Kindle to read this version of the anthology - you can download a free Kindle app that works on most modern devices.

Printed Copies of the Anthology

You can buy paperback copies of the book here.

The book's ISBN is:

  • ISBN: 9798728338819

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About Sensorially Challenged Volume 3

Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 contains 100 sensory stories submitted to Allen’s Sensory Overload Writing Challenge.

The challenge was conceived by award-winning editor, writer and poet, Allen Ashley. Allen is also President of the British Fantasy Society.

Allen Ashley and Chris Fielden

Chris Fielden and Allen Ashley, pictured at the British Fantasy Society Convention in Glasgow, October 2019

The sensory writing challenge was launched in March 2017. Sensorially Challenged Volume 1 was published in December 2017, Sensorially Challenged Volume 2 in June 2019 and Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 in May 2021.

Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 is the fifteenth writing challenge anthology to be launched in support of charity on this website. You can find out how much money we've raised in total on the main writing challenges page.

Allen and I would like to say a big thank you to Angela Googh for her help preparing the interior of this book in both print and eBook formats. Ange, as always, you're a legend :)

The Writers In The Anthology

All the writers in Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 submitted their stories to Allen's Sensory Challenge.

The names of the 100 authors featured in the anthology are:

A S Winter, Aashana Daru, Adele Winston, Alan Barker, Alan D. Przybylski, Aleksandra Petrovic, Alexandra Klyueva, Alice Hale, Allen Ashley, Ally Apodochi, Anne Silva, Ashutosh Pant, Barbara Eustace, Betty Hattersley, Bridget Yates, Carla Vlad, Caroline Ryder, Cathy Cade, CH Shih, Christine Law, Christopher Fielden, Claire Apps, Clare Tivey, Claris Lam, David McTigue, David Michael Inverso, David Silver, Deborah Rose Green, Duane L. Herrmann, Eileen Baldwin, Fatemeh Momeni, Fliss Zakaszewska, Gail Buffalo, Gail Everett, Glen Donaldson, Glo Curl, Hajra Saeed, Huguette Van Akkeren, Ian Buzard, Isabel Flynn, J. S. Wellian, Jacek Wilkos, Jacqui Martin, Jade Swann, James Louis Peel, Jasmine Lee, Jayne Morgan, Jeniffer Lee, Jessica Ann George, Jim Lemon, Joe Brothers, John D Lary, John Di Carlo, John Notley, John Rivers, Joseph Mould, Josh Granville, Joyce Bingham, Justin Payne, K. J. Watson, Kathryn J Barrow, Kathryn Joyce, Kelly Yeung, Kenneth Muir, Kevin J. McLain, Khamis Kabeu, Laura Buckley, Lesley Anne Truchet, Linda Hibbin, Maggie Elliott, Majella Pinto, Maria V A Johnson, Maryam Hodaee, Matilda Pinto, Michael Rumsey, Mike Scott Thomson, Nicole McIntosh, Paul Mastaglio, Peggy Gerber, Phil Hatchard, Quilly Epithet, R.R. Young, Robert Pembroke, Roger Newton, Roger West, Rose Bingley, Sarah Williams, Scott Parent, Seadeta Osmani, Sean Bain, Shawn Maher, Shay Meinecke, Sue Partridge, T. J. Hobbs, Terence Waeland, Theresa Ryder, Timothy Newnes, Tony Lawrence, Victoria Mason and Vivian Leung.

How Book Sales Support Charity

For every book sold, £1 will be donated to the National Literacy Trust.

National Literacy Trust

You can learn more about National Literacy Trust on their website.

Future Anthologies

If you'd like to submit a story to the sensory writing challenge, you can do so here. Every story submitted is published on this website. When we receive another 200 stories, we'll publish a book like this one. We upped the number from 100 to 200 for the next book to help generate more sales for the charity next time round.

Book Launch Party

The online Zoom launch for Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 took place on Friday 21 May 2021 at 7pm UK time (GMT). The event was hosted by Allen Ashley.

Online Zoom book launch party

There were some fabulous readings at the event, from authors located all over the world. Allen and I would like to thank everyone who attended.

You can learn more about the event on Facebook.

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Anthology Cover

The cover for Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 was created by David Fielden. The cover for Volume 1 was purple, because sensory description is often referred to as 'purple prose'. The cover for Volume 2 was presented in the colours of traffic lights, as that's visual and sensory. To keep with this theme, Dave used a rainbow colour scheme for Volume 3.

Chris Fielden and Dave Fielden

Dave is sensible and wears a mask, especially when Chris is nearby. This isn't because of COVID. He's always undertaken these types of safety measures when in close proximity to Chris. You would be advised to do the same.

Dave is the luckiest human in the world. Why? Because Chris is his brother.

Chris is a kind sibling. Generous. Witty. A delight to be related to. He's not demanding at all, especially when it comes to asking for book covers to be designed. When a new cover is required, he often gives Dave minutes of notice. Sometimes hours.

Dave wishes he lived with Chris. Being with him 24 hours a day would be great. Dave doesn't like being bored and Chris is a relentless job creation machine who loves to keep Dave busy without paying him. Together, they are the perfect combination – a recipe for happiness.

Dave designs websites at a location as far away from Chris as possible, or he'd never get anything done. His company of 'all things web' is called Bluetree.

Sensorially Challenged Volume 3 Full Book Cover

Sensorially Challenged Volume 3, Full Book Cover by David Fielden

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Christine L
A wonderful inspiration, thank you for including my story in Sensorially Challenged Volume Three. I look forward to buying a copy. Is the publisher the National Literacy Trust?

Chris Fielden
No problem, Christine - thank you for submitting.

I'm publishing the book via Amazon. The National Literacy Trust are the charity the book supports. Profits from sales are donated to them.

I hope that explains it :-)

Christine L
So does this mean that Amazon is the publisher? Thanking you. Chris

Chris Fielden
Hi again Chris. No, I’m the publisher. Amazon is the printer and distributor – I use their KDP platform to manage this as it’s affordable and effective, so ideal for charity projects :)

Christine L