'These darkly comic tales place the author snugly between Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Be sure: Chris Fielden is one funny feller.' Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Award winner.
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Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1

Profits From Book Sales are Donated to Charity

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I'm pleased to present Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1, a book crammed with witty and amusing flash fiction stories of a nonsensical nature.

The book contains 100 delightfully ridiculous stories, written by 100 authors who submitted their verbose wordage to Lesley's Nifty Nib-Nibbling Nonsensical Narrative Writing Challenge.

Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1

Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1 - cover artwork by David Fielden

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Where to Buy Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1

Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1 is available from Amazon in print and Kindle eBook formats.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to The Daisy Garland, a UK charity that help fund Ketogenic Dietitians who work in National Health Hospitals treating hundreds of children with intractable epilepsy.

Kindle Copies of the Anthology

Kindle eBook copies of the book can be bought from Amazon here.

The book can be purchased from all of Amazon's country specific websites. You can find it by searching for the book by name or searching for the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN):


You don't have to own a Kindle to read this version of the anthology - you can download a free Kindle app that works on the vast majority of modern devices.

Printed Copies of the Anthology

You can buy paperback copies of the book from Amazon here.

The book's ISBNs are:

  • ISBN: 1545339651
  • ISBN-13: 978-1545339657

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About Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1

Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1 contains 100 nonsensical stories submitted to Lesley's Nifty Nib-Nibbling Nonsensical Narrative Writing Challenge.

The challenge was conceived by Lesley Truchet, a legendary authoress who dwells in rural France. She came up with the idea for the challenge after submitting stories to Mike’s Not-Entirely-Serious Wantonly-Rule-Breaking Adverb Writing Challenge on this website.

Lesley Truchet

Lesley Truchet, astride a classic Kawasaki

Lesley says:

It has been a joy and a privilege to work with Chris on this project. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the contributing authors and other people involved in the production of this anthology, of which I am proud to be associated with.

The nonsense writing challenge opened in November 2016. Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1 was released in June 2017. At the time of writing, we've already received a plethora of submissions for Volume 2.

At the time of release, Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1 is the third writing challenge anthology that's been published. We trialled a launch strategy for the second adverb challenge anthology released and the results were promising. We're hoping the launch strategy will work even better for the first nonsense anthology because there are more authors featured in the book, which should give it more exposure when it's released.

You can learn about the launch strategy we use for the release of all the writing challenge anthologies here.

The Writers In The Anthology

All the writers in Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1 submitted their stories to Lesley's Nonsense Challenge which is one of the many writing challenges run on this website.

The names of the 100 authors featured in the anthology are:

Alan Barker, Allen Ashley, Alva Holland, Amanda Garzia, Amy Stanton, Anika Hussain, Annemarie Allan, Barry Smith, Betty Hattersley, Braid Anderson, C.I. Selkirk, C.L. Verhagen, Captain Beany, Carol Moeke, Cathi Radner, Charlie Hills, Christopher Fielden, Christopher Iacono, Ciara Byrne, Coryn Smethurst, Craig Douglas, D. Angelone, David Ormerod, David Turnbull, Dean Walker, Ejder S. Raif, Elwin Estle, Emma-Karin Rehnman, Estella Andres, Filippo Contalbi, Glen Donaldson, Glyn Roberts, Graham Curtis, Helen Combe, Helen Rye, Ian Richardson, Ian Steadman, Ian Tucker, Jacob Derin, James Butt, James Hendy, Jason Dunn, John Notley, Jonathan Macho, Joseph Hancock, Judith Wolfgang, June Lee, Kate Mulvaney, Kathryn Meyer, Katy Wimhurst, Ken Goldman, Klaus Gehling, Laura-Liisa Klaas, Len Saculla, Lesley Truchet, Lilian Indombera Musundi, Louise Burgess, Mangal Patel, Marie Rennard, Mark Fielden, Mark Johnson, Mark Lewis, Martin Russo, Martin Strike, Melanie Rees, Michael Rumsey, Mike Scott Thomson, Morag Watson, Neville Raper, Nick Black, Olivier Breuleux, (Peculiar) Julia Kantic, Peter Jordan, Phil Woodford, R E Nots, Rebecca Henderson, S.B. Borgersen, S.T. Ranscht, S.W. Hardy, Sam Jeffreys, Sandra Orellana, Sandra Unerman, Sarah Aston, Sarah Peloquin, Sheila Corbishley, Sim Smailes, Simon Humphreys, Simon Russell, Solitaire, Stephanie Sybliss, Sueleen Swann, Susan Powis, Trevor Johnson, Trudy Utterly, Tulip Chowdhury, Vanaja Shankar, Ville Nummenpää, Wendy Christopher, William Chris Sargeant and Zaheer Babar.

How Book Sales Support Charity

For every book sold, £1 will be donated to The Daisy Garland charity.

The Daisy Garland

You can learn more about what The Daisy Garland do on their website.

You can also find out how many authors have been published through the writing challenges, and how much money we've raised for charity, on the main writing challenges page on this website. All the statistics are updated once a month.

Future Anthologies

If you'd like to submit a story to the nonsense writing challenge, you can do so here. Every story submitted is published on this website. Each time we receive 100 stories, we'll publish a book like this one.

Nonsense Party

We undertook a nonsense party to celebrate the launch of the book.

Chris Fielden and Lesley Truchet on Skype

Chris, in Newbury UK, with Lesley on Skype, in France

Big thanks to Martin and Jo Strike for organising the event.

Authors Martin Strike and Christopher Fielden

Martin Strike, organiser of the fabulous nonsense celebrations, and Chris Fielden

You can read about all the launch statistics, book sales figures and the nonsense party on the main book launch page.

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Anthology Cover

David Fielden designed the cover for Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1. We went for a pink theme, as it seemed suitable for Daisy - we thought she would have liked it.

David Fielden and Christopher Fielden

A picture of Dave (left) and me (right) from the 1970s, as you can probably tell from the amazing shirt I'm wearing...

Dave is my younger brother. I make him do many things he doesn't want to. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining this website, designing book covers and being in pictures with me while I wear clothing made from prehistoric curtains.

Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1 Full Book Cover

Nonsensically Challenged Volume 1, Full Book Cover by David Fielden

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Michael R
Hi Chris. My copy of Nonsensically Challenged has not yet arrived from Amazon UK. June 19th was the given date and Track Your Package just says it's on the way. This being Greece means two weeks late is pretty much on schedule, but if I've received nothing by next Wednesday I shall be concerned. Has anyone else reported similar? Best Regards.

Chris Fielden
Hi Michael. Sorry to hear that. Did you experience the same problem with the adverb anthologies?

Sandra, who lives in Mexico, has a similar problem. She had to buy from the .com site and it took over 2 months for her books to arrive. In the end, she had to have books delivered to a US address and then someone she knew picked them up for her.

I don’t know if this is an issue with Amazon, or the postal services in different countries. I have found that if you contact Amazon, their customer support is pretty good, so I’d recommend querying it.

Michael R
Hello Chris. Thanks again for help. I did not have problems previously.

I will give it a few more days before contacting Amazon and will let you know outcome. Cheers.

Chris Fielden
No problem, Michael. I hope it gets sorted :-)