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Amazing Young Writers Challenge

Quick links on this page:

rules & submit - about the challenge - read some amazing writing

Amazing Young Writers Writing Challenge

Welcome to the Amazing Young Writers Challenge. If you're aged 18 or younger, you can submit creative writing in any form, including stories, poetry, non-fiction, memoir, anecdotes - absolutely anything you like. Show us what you can do with words!

Before submitting, please read the rules. Below the rules, you will find some more information about the challenge.

Rules & How To Submit

The rules are simple but please read them carefully:

  • 100 words maximum
  • Any type of creative writing is accepted, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and all other forms of written work
  • this challenge is for writers up to (and including) 18 years of age, living anywhere in the world
  • 1 entry per writer
  • no profanity please
  • your creative writing will be published on this page and you'll receive a 'Certificate of Publication'
  • by submitting, you accept theĀ terms and conditions
  • submit your story by email to or use the comment form at the bottom of this page
  • please be sure to include:
    • your name (full name or first name or penname is fine)
    • your age
    • the country you live in
    • the name of your school or the educational establishment you currently attend
    • your piece of writing (please include a title)

Submissions are welcome from teachers, parents, guardians or the writers themselves. If you are submitting on behalf of your children / students, please let me know when you submit.

Any type of writing is accepted - there is absolutely no limitation, so please let your imagination run wild!

Every writer published via this writing challenge will receive a Certificate of Publication in jpeg format. The certificates look like this:

Amazing Young Writers Challenge Certificate of Publication

Amazing Young Writers Challenge 'Certificate of Publication'

I reply by email to every submission I receive, letting you know your story has been published. Your certificate will be attached to the email. If you don't hear from me, please check your spam folder. If there's nothing in spam, please email me and we'll find another way of delivering your certificate :-)

This challenge was launched in January 2021. So far, we've published 3 pieces of creative writing by amazing young writers.

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About the Amazing Young Writers Challenge

The Amazing Young Writers Challenge was launched after I was contacted by Mahvish Noman, an arts teacher at a school where 95% of the students are underprivileged children.

Mahvish asked me if I'd publish some poetry written by their students. After a bit of back and forth by email about the best way to do this, I decided to launch this challenge.

The Aims of the Challenge:

Experience & Encouragement

The primary aim of the challenge is to give young writers the opportunity to see their writing published and read by a global audience. I hope this will offer every young author that submits valuable experience and encouragement to keep writing and being creative throughout their lives.


The 100 word limit is educational. Having so few words to play with makes a writer consider every word they use carefully, meaning they learn the art of editing. Once learned, this skill can be applied to longer works, making them more engaging to read.

Celebrating Diversity

Anyone living in any country can submit to this challenge. I hope that means we are able to celebrate a diverse variety of voices from around the world via the challenge.


If you have any questions about the challenge, please contact me.

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Amazing Stories by Amazing Writers

Below are all the stories received to date, all written by amazing young writers and students.

The stories are published in the order they were received.

Story 001


by Ella

Finally, she thought in her head.

Her boyfriend was offering to take her on a romantic getaway this weekend! They had been together for five years and she had been waiting for a proposal, but as yet she had not got one. There had been so many times that she thought he was going to propose, but she did not find herself with a ring on her finger.

She was packing her bags when she got the call from her boyfriend. Little did they know they were in for a big surprise and it was not a proposal.


Ella is 13 years old, lives in the U.S.A. and attends STBT.

Story 002

Before You Came Along

by Bria

Wind. Air. The sky above her head and the clouds beneath her feet.

That was all she needed to live. Other than food, water and sleep of course. To Nayble, there was nothing better in the entire world than flying. It was the wind beneath her wings. Literally.

The rush of cool wind in her face, flowing through her graceful, black-speckled wings was the best feeling in the entire universe. Nothing could beat it and nothing ever would.

At least... that's what she believed until she met Denn.


Bria is 16 years old, lives in the U.S.A. and attends Holt High School.

Story 003

The Exam

by Alexis

The tick of a clock ringing in my head. Each second sending a jolt through my body. I sit in a chair, my skin covered with goosebumps. I look back at my decision to leave my jacket in the car and curse at myself for it.

The ball of my right foot begins to pulsate and sends the rest of my leg subtly jumping up and down with it. I feel blinded with the walls and floors and ceilings covered in a clean white. A pristine white, if you will. The bold smell of cleaning chemicals floats in the room.


Alexis is 18 years old, lives in the U.S.A. and attends Holt High School.

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