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Amazing Young Writers Challenge 201 to 300

On this page, you will find the third 100 pieces of creative writing (numbers 201 to 300) submitted to the amazing young writers challenge.

If you'd like to submit to the challenge and see your work published on this website, please visit the Amazing Young Writers page.

Stories 201 to 300

Here are the third 100 stories, poems and other pieces of creative writing submitted to the Amazing Young Writers Challenge.

Story 201

Fire on Fire

by Morgan Turner


Dark, thick blood dripped in front of his eyes. His heart pounded intensely, his claws clutching onto the rough, dry dirt beneath his paws. For once, he felt fear. His emotions seemed to find a way past the walls of the bravery everyone else saw in him. He could hear diminutive noises from his pack mates.

A deafening, threatening bang pierced through the air. He had heard it before. A gunshot.
The fur stood up on his back in pure fear. He turned to see something – someone – in the distance behind him. His vision was impaired and he felt delicate and weak.


Morgan is 11 and lives in the UK.

Story 202

Send Me Away

by Ainemukama Prosper

Let me off like a scape goat,

Though under my inequities I gloat,

Sands of time in my step will float,

Thirst will watch my weight like an oat,

Across the wilderness I will roam,

Mirage leaning cities my lot,

Send me away,

Faraway in fact,

Since my ways to you are misdeeds,

And when vultures conduct my burial,

In reanimation I will behold.


Ainemukama is 22 and lives in Uganda.

Story 203

Papa's Killer

by Johanna Ataman

I storm into my bedroom and shut the door angrily. Then, I hear a loud thud on the door, and a groan follows. He calls out my name, afraid to come in, and keeps begging, but I ignore him.

I can't believe the message I saw on his phone. How could he have done it? All these years, I thought papa had died a natural death, only to find out now that he was poisoned by Ebuka, my blood brother just for some stupid position in his university cult group!


Johanna is 14 and lives in Nigeria.

Story 204

Cowardly Man, Cowardly Dog

by Elvis

I used to never care. 

Living, for me, was a constant state of existing, by choice or by force, with the status quo. But I think my cowardly dog saw things differently. It was always assertive about its love or territory, cowardly as it was.

One day, my dog fell sick and when I could have gotten it treated. I waited a day, and then another day. My dog died in my arms and, as I watched all its will and cowardice slowly seep away, I vowed to be more intentional about loving and living.


Elvis is 22 and lives in Nigeria.

Story 205

These Baneful Days

by Nwakpa Gilbert Arinze

These baneful days!

I have so pained

By the fatigues of unfaded fiends

Inside my vain soul they scatter

Griefful nights of unwashable memories

And their pangs, the altar of anthropians

Cluster and mingle my being on morning up

Our usurped days if I ever live

Shall bear a boneful hard like the Iroko

A tough mind if natives ever breathe like fowls

For nkeji of time I shall ever live

Shall reveal the creational beauty of my making 


Nwakpa is 25 and lives in Nigeria.

Story 206


by Emily

The Autumn sky was dark and vengeful. Sonya’s silhouette was barely visible.

Spineless tentacles of fog enrobed her, churning grimly. Bruised and stabbed by the wind's merciless attacks, she stood with blood on her hands. She was stained with the blood of eighteen.

A flightless bird, she stepped off the crumbling edge of the cliff. The sea slapped her. Her body was pushed beneath the water. The bitter sting of salt choked her lungs.

Spluttering helplessly, her body curled in on itself. As she gave into the darkness, a single word reached out to her mind.



Emily is 16 and lives in England.

Story 207

We Hope for Better Things

by Elayna Sherwood

Venturing to the city’s stretch,

Past the rapport of dead-eyed coffee shops,

And Motor-City, Motown blues,

I came across an angel-hair alleyway.

Dreams of distant lives,

Singeing through ice-brick walls.


The twin peak of a tin-tattered roof,

Caught my eye through the fray.

In front,

A sleepless widow perched,

And beckoned me forward.

A bone-thin twig retracting from the wind.


As I drew near, her hand unfolded.

A flower welcoming a bee.

And through her creaking smoker's cough,

She uttered the primordial phrase,


Time is a fly,

Centered on the palm of my hand,

And I have yet to grasp it.


Elayna is 22 and lives in the USA.

Story 208

The Personas

by Alissa Doustout

The personas

Yes they are all versions of me

But I hate every single one

Each meticulously crafted to fit the needs of others around me

Each one made for someone in my life

The fact that I have made so many and never forgotten how to be each one is cunning

I know just what to say, or how to look at them.


Do they not know?

Could they be doing the same crafting as I?

Each personality I've created is me, they are all me

But are they really?


Alissa is 16 and lives in the USA.

Story 209

The Lost Boy

by Joel Lesley

Screaming wind raced, as heavy tears of rain soaked into the towering trees. Trees that stood like bodyguards at the entrance of the intimidating forest aggressively howled my name.

The sinister figure enticed me into his captivating lair. I was nervous and shaking with fear. Adrenaline pumped through my veins as one petrified figure apprehensively crept closer and closer... Footsteps slowly approached my fragile and frightened self. Curtained by darkness engulfed with fear, bloodshot eyes brightened. Sharp and fatal claws scraped. Deafening silence approached me.

My pain blocked my voice. My chapter had been closed. Will I ever return?


Joel is 12 and lives in the UK.

Story 210

The True Calling

by Othniel Bentil

It was like any other day, until a member of the office came and said I needed to go to the head teacher's office. The colour from my face drained. I slowly stood up, with what seemed like a thousand little eyes from my classmates staring at me, wondering what I had done.

Although the walk took two minutes, it felt like two hours. As I plodded my way down the corridor of no return, detention students glared at me, some even laughing hysterically because soon I might be one of them.

Gradually, I mustered up the courage to turn that doorknob leading into the office of nightmares.


Othniel is 11 and lives in the UK.

Story 211

All in White

by Farah Karim

I saw you in a pearl-white dress,

No stains, or in a colossal mess.

Walls were milky just like snow,

All in blank-white is all I know.


Aren't so vivid, just cool and plain,

You are a colour on a candy-cane.

You're so rich in any type of place,

You're not often seen in outer space.


Show the way, guide the light,

I know you are all in pearl-white.

Speak only to me, I'll hear you out,

I know your soft and don't shout.


Blank like paper, elegant as a dove,

I'll see you in heaven in clouds above.


Farah is 9 and lives in the UK.

Story 212

The End: A New Beginning

by Smrithi Senthilnathan

I type 'The End' on my 200-page fantasy novel.

I release the breath I've been holding for a year.

"I did it," I whisper.

There's no dramatic fanfare. Nobody congratulates me.

My own fault. Nobody knows you write, nobody applauds you. 

How do I say, though, when everyone judges?

I sigh.

This book is nowhere near finished. Weeks of editing await me, revising tales I created in a coffee-fueled delirium.

Not to discredit my achievement. I wrote a book!

And eventually I’ll release my masterpiece into the world.

Just need to persevere.

"I did it," I repeat. "And imma do it again."


Smrithi is 17 and lives in India.

Story 213

The Ward

by Katie England

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

The girl next door is screaming again.

She just does that.

I wait, and wait, staring into the white abyss that surrounds me. I wait for my turn. For my injection.

This will clear your depression in no time.

The door opens, and the white-coats stride in, needle raised high.

Just making sure you’re willing!

No, but what choice do I have?

The needle enters my arm. I refuse to scream. I refuse to give them the pleasure.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

The white coats look on, as I black out.


Katie is 14 and lives in the UK.

Story 214

Horrid Haunted House

by Athena K

A bone-chilling silence was all around me. I crept into the dark, gloomy cave, looking at bats hanging and spell books scattered all around.

I sneezed. I stopped in my tracks. Had anyone heard me?

The disgusting aroma of dust and rotten leather wafted up my nostrils. I shivered from the cold and fear. My brain was a beehive with all the things that might happen next.

Rough walls and peeling paint surrounded me. I could taste the fear and I felt like somebody was watching me…


Athena is 7 and lives in the UK.

Story 215

The Enchanted Crystal and the Boy Who Never Stopped Exploring!

by Ella

Once upon a time there was a young boy who loved exploring the outdoors. He spent his days trekking through forests, climbing mountains and swimming in lakes.

One sunny afternoon, he stumbled upon a mysterious cave hidden deep in the woods. With excitement pumping through his veins, he bravely stepped inside.

As he explored the dark and twisting passages, he discovered a glowing crystal that pulsed with a magical energy. With a rush of wonder, he knew that his life would never be the same again.

From that day on, he vowed to always follow his curiosity and explore the unknown.


Ella is 14 and lives in Ireland.

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