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Amazing Young Writers Challenge 101 to 200

On this page, you will find the second 100 pieces of creative writing (numbers 101 to 200) submitted to the amazing young writers challenge.

If you'd like to submit to the challenge and see your work published on this website, please visit the Amazing Young Writers page.

Stories 101 to 200

Here are the second 100 stories, poems and other pieces of creative writing submitted to the Amazing Young Writers Challenge.

Story 101

She Was Just Here

by Brianna Renee Cross

My head is spinning. She was just here...

Rosalina and I were walking in the park laughing and talking. We were having so much fun.

He came out of nowhere. Red jacket. Tall. Blue jeans. White T. He was following us, but I wasn't worried or anything. He got closer. Rosalina and I walked faster. He got even closer.

He punched her in the head. Knocked her out. I screamed and ran, feeling guilty for leaving Rosalina behind. I called the cops. I never saw her again. God, no... Rosalina was dead.

My head is spinning. She was just here...


Brianna is 12, lives in the USA and attends Cross Preparatory Academy (Home-schooled).

Story 102

Myths & Getting Screwed By Them

by Pavel Plamenov Andonov (Павел Пламенов Андонов)

"You have believed in your own myths, Hercules!" Magara had accused me. "Only a mad man will enter a lion's cave!"

"That's what myths are for. For people to believe in," I had responded in bravodo. An arrogant smirk crept onto my face as I added, "After I defeat the lion, I will name it the Nemean Lion. A monster with impenetrable skin!"

But now... Looking at the gaping mouth of the huge predator, the lion slowly making its way to me, I could only think of one thing. "Damn. I am screwed."


Pavel is 21, lives in Bulgaria and attends Sofia University.

Story 103

The Mirror

by Hannah Hayley

Tears flowed down Aria's face, elegantly and gracefully. Like a dove flying away from its peers. The room was spinning. Her vision was getting blurry.

A laugh escaped the mirror like lava spewing out a volcano. It wouldn't stop. The room turned a lurid pink, then purple, then green. Almost like a carnival.

No noise dared escape Aria's mouth. No matter how much she screamed inside, nobody could hear her.

It took one strike of the knife. Straight into the abdomen. The mirror laughed again and disappeared. Never to be seen again.


Hannah is 11, lives in England and attends Greig City Academy.

Story 104

Distant Hope

by Akabueze Daniel

I walked through the dusty street, the sound of my slippers echoing as they slapped the tar.

Everywhere was eerie. What I smelt, smelled of fresh cabbage. I looked straight to the empty street — a street once filled with people.

"What are you doing here?" Auntie Onyii asked.

I was about to say something, before she ordered me inside.

I was not sure what the future held for me, but I knew things would never be the same as tears left my eyes and kissed the street.


Akabueze is 22, lives in Nigeria and is a high-school graduate.

Story 105

I'm Crosses, You're Noughts

by Taybah Altaf

It's a cold-hearted world

But you have a fiery burning soul

Yet you go on like you're bold

When we both know your pretense is old

So, stop talking like you own gold


I know that you're brave

So, what's the need to act?

Your mind's in another place

Don't pretend your hearts intact


A hurricane of thoughts

I'm crosses you're noughts

You choke on your words

Don't think I haven't heard


What's the need to hide?

Stop burrowing up inside

This stupid game that you play

It's win win either way

Because nobody wants to stay


If you didn't know

We all hear what you say

When you're close to letting go

Your mask is at bay

You tell yourself no

When it isn't okay

So just let me stay


Taybah is 17, lives in England and attends The Ursuline Academy Ilford.

Story 106

The Magic Tree

by Aleksandar Rusev

Inspired by this image

The Magic Tree picture that inspired a story

It contained hope. The tree would not stop until it turned into a portal. Every day it shook from side to side as the wind blew slowly but gently.

A tornado came, but it was no regular tornado. It had an alien UFO in it and was coming for our planet.

Suddenly, the tree realised it was the only living thing alive. 


Aleksandar is 7, lives in the UK and attends Dunstable Icknield Lower School.

Story 107

The Stray Cat

by Mustafa Rauf

Lurking in the dark streets not knowing what to feed on. Hidden in the dark. Its golden eyes gleamed in the darkness. The night was cloudless. The full moon shone brightly.

A black creature was sniffing a can of garbage furiously. Its tail moved vigorously, as if the creature was getting restless. Searching for its prey and in its worst possible state.

Suddenly, there was a rustling sound. The creature prickled its ears and there it was, a tiny fat black ball with legs and eyes about a quarter foot tall. It ran terrified of the creature that stood before it.

The creature tried to claw it but the rat was too fast. There was a lot of noise. The creature jumped at the rat and clawed it again and was successful this time. The poor thing was hurt badly.

The creature opened its mouth, which contained dozens of fangs. It grabbed the rat in its mouth and sprinted into the darkness.


Mustafa is 13, lives in Pakistan and attends LGS.

Story 108


by Neha Gandhi

I went outside and started to shiver, then looked across the road and saw a frozen river.

"Silly rivers," I said, "they're such a bore," then turned around and heard a snore.

"That's Dad," said Mum, "he's having a snooze," then continued to read the news.

"Silly Dad," I said, "he's such a bore... all he EVER does is SNORE, SNORE, SNORE!"


Neha is 9, lives in the UK and attends Kew Green Preparatory School.

Story 109

An Unexpected Encounter

by Kyra Kailash

"Steer around it, to the right!" Ellody exclaimed, gesturing to the cloud in front of them. She was riding a flaming red phoenix, the wind rippling through her wavy brown hair. She loved to soar overhead with Aneaxi, her phoenix.

Ellody realised that she hadn't told Aneaxi where she intended to go – where was she taking her? Then she saw. A wide land above the clouds with fantasy creatures walking (or flying, she thought grinning) in it… Was she seeing right? A line?

She followed and saw them making circles and tried it herself. Ellody froze, surprised. She had used magic!


Kyra is 11, lives in Finland and attends Espoo International School.

Story 110

Pudi's New Friend

by Anayah Hassan

Pudi by Anayah Hassan

Pudi's New Friend by Anayah Hassan


Anayah is 7, lives in the UK and is home-schooled.

Story 111

A Refreshing Dive

by Arsalan Hassan

Wishy by Arsalan Hassan

A Refreshing Dive by Arsalan Hassan


Arsalan is 10, lives in the UK and is home-schooled.

Story 112

Window Starer

by Lydia Hinks

Here I am, as before, staring out of the window, like always, wishing, wishing that the world was different, wishing for change, not like the change that occupies the news headlines for a few weeks until something else slightly interesting happens, when it drifts off again. No, I want change like the old change, the change of the ancient books, way before the new, modern day change came.

I look out of the window again. I wish I could step out of the window and float over the hills… but then there would be cities again.

I look away, sighing.


Lydia is 11 and lives in the UK.

Story 113

No Clue

by Tumi Seala

The sky is blue

Yes, this is true

As to what’s in it

I have no clue.

Is it big or small?

How do I figure this out?

For I know not what to do!

And who might help me, really who?

This baffles my mind in every way

I wonder if its scared

Because at night the blue sky does not want to stay

I get bored when he’s not around because I still want to play

And that’s why in the morning I shout hooray

“And once again you’ve come to play

And this time, will you please stay?”


Tumi is 11, lives in South Africa and attends Ladybrand Primary School.

Story 114

The Big Bang

by Cassie Hannigan

Deafening silence… unbearable light. Where am I? A sensation of ease flowed through my blood, killing the pain and agony I was just tortured with.


The memories hit me. Frantic flashbacks streamed through my head, flashbacks of the past few moments. It was a stereo-typical day at the mall when, suddenly, chilling screams filled up the shops. People were running for their lives. I-I-I should’ve known. I didn’t bother running. I wanted to find my family first. “Scarlett, GO,” screamed my mother from afar. Fear left me frozen to the spot.



Cassie is 14, lives in the UK and attends Warblington School.

Story 115

The Magical Locket

by Melissa Cheng

6th May 2021, Monday

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 8 o’clock, when I spotted a magnificent sapphire locket lying on my normally empty bedside table.

I picked it up and there was a sudden warmth in my fingers. I put it around my neck and felt like another person. It seemed that I knew the future.

Don’t ask me where it came from, or what it is. I do not know. Ask the one who gave me this magical locket.

From, Angela Hole


Melissa is 9, lives in the UK and attends Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green.

Story 116

My Love

by Ellie Wilkinson

He struggles, back pinned against the wall as he looks at her, the mysterious beauty he had fallen for swallowed by the raging horror before him.

Golden eyes twinkle back at him above snarling red lips, every bone in his body shuddering as she forces her cutting talons against his neck, the strangling sweetness of her skin sending him dizzy as she batts her eyelashes.

Her skin suddenly becomes deathly pale, a living, twisting darkness surrounding her as she leans closer, the rich darkness of her voice resembling nothing human at all.

"Is this not what you wanted, my love?"


Ellie is 15, lives in England and attends Bury Church of England High School.

Story 117


by Nanashi

"How many souls did you bring inside your coffin?" the wiseman asked.

And after a hundred years she answered. "Only one, sir."

"I see... Unfortunately, there is no place where you belong for now."

At that very moment her rainbow days had ended. 


Nanashi is 15, lives in the Philippines and attends Liceo de San Antonio.

Story 118

Perfect Performance

by Gracie Fitzsimons

And now the lights are out,

And they’re turning the music down.

It’s what happens at the end of every show,

The crowd so loud,

Begins to beam and blossom.

Till eventually your brisk autumn cologne,

Encounters me...

And I turn around,

Remembering it’s you,

Quick-shot-fire glance,

Unrecognised – oh of course,

And I guess I go on with my parade,

My facade,

A glorious dance…

Tiptoeing around your icicle castle,

Hoping one day someone might understand.


Gracie is 15, lives in England and attends PKS.

Story 119

We Wish

by Lola Morgan

This is a safe place. In these pages I am young and youthful, a child who is forced to grow up and give up her innocence to the expectations of western society and culture. I know my importance is insignificant compared to the vast majority suffering of much worse. I don’t want to be prioritised. Not anymore. My anger ignites the spark inside of me, flourishing and expanding with every passing day. It corrupts, consumes and controls my every movement and emotion. I wish it will come to pass, I wish it will end. I wish it will all end.

I wish this can happen but it will not.


Lola is 14, lives in England and attends Thornton College.

Story 120

Truly Peaceful

by Arianna Kanji

I leaned back, the sun shining brightly up in the sky, sunlight cascading on my face. The wind blew all around me, a sweet, warm breeze that lightly caressed my cheeks as I smiled.

I turned my head to gaze at the person beside me, whose face was morphed into one of perfect content and relaxation.

This was truly the perfect day.

Then, my eyes fell on the knife stabbed through their heart, and my smile widened.

If true peace and relaxation would've been finally reached if I'd just killed them, I wondered why I didn't do it sooner.


Arianna is 12, lives in Canada and attends Glenview Senior Public School.

Story 121

Seasonal Amnesia

by Sofia Melka

It's cold outside. I shiver in my blouse, alone in the park.

The spring green is a disease. It creeps unseen and invades all it touches. But, despite the brilliant verdancy, and all the fervency of its change, it is still cold. There is still malice clinging to the false winter air.

I’m sure I've been here before. Last year, the year before, the first year. Though, I don’t recall this unrelenting chill.

The leaves above me – fresh, and gleaming with a new-world delight – whisper as I stand below. I can see my room from here. The light looks warm.


Sofia is 16, lives in the Czech Republic and attends the International School of Prague.

Story 122

I Am The Fire

by SK

That was inevitable. The fire flared on our bedroom floor, gulping every square metre of the daunting room.

His eyes, which were finned with fury just a minute ago, were now filling with tears of anguish. He didn’t let go of the Molotov cocktail. Instead, he squeezed it harder in his bestial hand, watching my bestowed calmness.

It seems funny to me. He is the one burning in vexation, while I am the truly powerful one, the one who holds the power. The one who holds the power over him.

That’s why we’re here, standing in smoke that's swallowing up our bodies.


SK is 17, lives in the UK and attends Hurtwood House.

Story 123

A Bittersweet Relationship

by Joel Armah

She is crude to me. I loathe her. But I love her, my mind. She's the worst, even transcending enemies. It's something of Stockholm syndrome. Well, what can I do? After all, we are one.

Today, she is that unusual sky blended into a teal and marigold gradient, brushed with cumulus clouds and illuminated with a golden sunset. The sky that plunges you into the realm of memories and nostalgia.

Tomorrow, I will receive her rendition of Song of Songs. Hers is the sheer antithesis. How acrimonious.

Can death do us apart?

An enigmatic dichotomy she is. My mind.


Joel is 17, lives in Ghana and attends G.S.T.S.

Story 124

Mother and Child

by Favour Bariduanen

Gestation accompanied with agony

Tears and expectation filled her eyes

With pains, bleeding and wailing

I sojourn a misery world

Clattering, whispers and smiles

Perhaps a boy they yelled

A beautiful epiphany mum could feel


I was tendered, nurtured and cultured

In arms and bosom love

Fumbling her breast, I wailed in pain

When milk seemed not forthcoming

The pain in her nipple

Like the sting of ant

Pampered like egg

I was given a second chance


In my cradle bed

Mother sang me awesome lullabies

An angelic voice irresistible

Mother’s love surpass everything

But not God


Favour is 19, lives in Nigeria and attends the University of Port Harcourt.

Story 125


by Ayat Hussain

I don’t seem to notice my phone ringing as I stare into the dull afternoon. BZZZ BZZZZ.

I am bored.

Quietly, the tedious clock ticks lazily. Tick... tock... tick...

I am still bored.

Slinky is purring softly. Prrrr, prrrrr.

Unsurprisingly, I am STILL bored.

I have had an uneventful afternoon.

In result, I am extremely bored.

My eyes are staring into space, which means...

I am even more bored.

Mum and Dad have gone to the shop with my siblings. I’m just waiting.

I am still bored.

I’m thinking if I should make an origami crane.

However, I am still bored.


Ayat is 11, lives in England and attends Paddock Junior, Infant and Nursery School.

Story 126

The Girl and the Chalk Circle

by Giaan Moonga

My eyes bored into the girl. She stayed in the circle she’d just drawn with her chalk that she always carried around. She was sitting down and muttering words, as if she was meditating, in a foreign language that sounded like Russian.

Some people ran, thinking she was a witch cursing a spell on them. Well... only one person. Lana. She was just scared of everything. Even paper, because she was scared of getting a paper cut.

Now, the girl rose up and her feet left the ground, but she didn’t realise. Who was she and what was she doing?


Giaan is 12, lives in the UK and attends Beaconsfield High School.

Story 127

Ghost Child

by Maryam Jan

My heart goes into override, beating a thousand beats per minute. I walk backwards, crashing into the fence. My eyes pop right out of their sockets.

A shadow emerges from behind the shed, clawing its way towards me. My breath becomes ragged and I ask myself, is this the end? I’m head girl and a  leader. Why am I terrified? I peel my eyes open and comprehend what’s in front of me. My hands fly to my mouth as I look at her recognisable features.

"No!" I shout.

But she simply laughs at me. "Hello, Abigail. Or should I say me..."


Maryam is 15, lives in the UK and attends Noorul Uloom Blackburn.

Story 128


by Ro

Stuck in a prison with no escape,

My limbs are seized by the icy cold.

Trapped with demons of every shape,

Every day I'm getting more old.


My hands and mouth are bound with tape,

Stone walls covered in mould.

Watching my life on a faulty videotape,

Mocking my inability to stand and be bold.


Forever I'll be imprisoned by my own mind,

Horrible experiences playing on repeat.

Ostracised by my own kind,

It was always inevitable that I'd face defeat.


Ro is 15, lives in Scotland and attends Dunblane High School.

Story 129

Past Regrets and New Beginnings

by Lucia

A large, blank canvas is standing tall in front of me It's beautiful I could turn around and look at my old, covered canvas But this one looks much nicer I tried to use a new colour on my old canvas the other day But no one thought it looked nice It didn't match the other colours Left as permanent marks

But nothing has been decided on this canvas yet I think I'm ready to try that new colour now


Lucia is 12 and lives in the UK.

Story 130

The End

by Maryam Waheed

I ran down the corridor with all the strength I had. The figure behind me wouldn't stop running and I knew the worst would happen if I didn't stop.

Suddenly, my worst nightmare hit me. A dead end. Why had I even decided to come into this tunnel?

Heavy puffs were coming from behind me. Slowly, I turned myself around.

There they were, the short figure who was wearing all black and had their face hidden in their hood. With their whole body shaking, they held the pistol at me and lifted their hood.



Maryam is 12, lives in the UK and attends MHSG.

Story 131

I Am Saying This Now, Your Issues Change

by Emily Pottinger

When life hits you, it hits hard. Sure, when you are younger the worst thing that can occur is losing your favourite toy or not getting the sweets you wanted from the stool you passed by an hour ago that just looked so good and full of artificial flavouring.

By the time you're a teenager, it gets worse. Losing your toy is no longer the enemy, your GCSEs are, and now your biggest fear is losing the social dread you have spent a year getting.

When you're older, you get the boring issues: bills, taxes, kids.

Problems don’t go away, they get weirder.


Emily is 13, lives in the UK and attends Brentwood School.

Story 132

The Eyes of Death Are Icy Blue

by Jai Wilson

The intruder tackles you to the ground; the feeling of his body on yours is oddly familiar.
As the intruder raises his head, you catch a glimpse of his eyes. Blue, icy and furious. You frown, trying to place the colour, and you stiffen as it hits you – Alexis.

Alexis has the same blue eyes that shine with the ruthless determination you're seeing right now as his hand rises, the knife he’s holding gleaming.

"You killed my brother,” the love of your life hisses, remorseless, and the hand comes down, down. There’s a stabbing pain before everything goes dark.


Jai is 14, lives in India and attends Silver Oaks International School.

Story 133


by Işıknas Gürler

A little fish wanted to go to the deepest part of the ocean. He imagined there would be caves full of candy, treasures, fun friends, amusement parks.

He asked permission from his family and set off.

As he descended into the depths, he saw surprising things. He reached the bottom of the ocean and saw a sunken ship, toured it, and then returned home.

Family: "That's great! You've done the hard work, there is no place deeper than the ocean."

Little fish: "It was a very enjoyable journey. I realised that my dreams are deeper than the ocean."

Depth by Işıknas Gürler


Işıknas is 9, lives in Turkey and attends Atakent İlkokulu.

Story 134

First Flight For A Boy

by Jowan Ashby-May

It was 1939 and young Mo was called to war as a pilot. A few months after he received his letter he joined the men and boys he would be working with. Patiently he waited to be called to the planes.

Finally a voice shouted, "THIS WAY!"

Along with a crowd of others, he made his way to the runway. He would be flying plane 26,512 to help his fellow fighters.

Remembering his training, he started the engine, breathed nervously, and slowly made his way down the runaway not knowing if he would ever return.


Jowan is 8, lives in England and attends Gorran School.

Story 135

Nothing Lasts Forever

by Laiba Majeed

In the world full of illusions and fakes,

One small betrayal is all it's going to take.

For one to forget the innocence and never trust again,

But should always remember after the harsh summer,

God sends the cooling rain.

Rather than going after those who don't look back,

Spend time on who doesn't judge you for what you lack.

Never ignore your friends and family for someone you've just met,

It might not be the same thing from them that you get.

Nothing lasts forever in life's play,

Everyone play their role and move on one day.

Family is what lasts forever and ever,

But to make that choice you should be clever.


Laiba is 17, lives in India and attends Delhi Public School.

Story 136


by Arpita Maurya

Hope is a flying feather 

Making us believe the unbelievable 

Sowing the seeds of strength 

To rise over the fiery flame 


Hopes are dreams and ambitions

We perceive on our glorious journey

After jumping through the hoops 

Willingly we fly in our own world

 Surmounting our own expectations


Hope is a new beginning 

In the world of darkness

A ray of shine comes forth 

Diminishing the mighty dead


Arpita is 15, lives in India and attends Thakur Vidya Mandir High School & Junior College.

Story 137

A Walk in the Woods

by Jessica Kenyon

The twittering birds and fluttering butterflies overwhelmed the wildlife as the sun peeked through the clouds. Each leaf lay crumpled on the damp soil with a thick layer of auburn crackling coating it. A doe's nose twitched as it discovered the damp earthy aroma of the mushrooms as they vented their musky odour into the forest. A grey squirrel bounced from branch to branch as it grasped a shiny acorn, its fluffy tail swaying in the wind. Lime green conkers lay unopened on the ground as the glossy chestnuts burst to get out.


Jessica is 13, lives in England and attends Highbury Grove School.

Story 138

Who Should Own Your Data?

by Fatima Rizvi

Nowadays, data is huge and it’s evident that your data isn’t really yours. Ownership is defined as ‘the legal right to possess something’.

Ownership rights for personal data don’t currently exist in the laws of any industrialised country. Any laws of companies intentionally exclude personal data from being included in any contract. Whether it’s online or on paper, most firms can legally use, share or sell your information without being required to inform you. Consequently, a sense of fascination of ownership is created.

Wanting to have full control and secluded rights over information detracts from the problems surrounding data today.


Fatima is 15, lives in Bahrain and attends St Christopher's School.

Story 139

The Enigma

by Mary Alcott

No one remembered anything from before the crash. Each and every brain on that desolate mountaintop consisted of the mere remnants of hysteria, lingering from the blur of their descent. Boulders were dotted sporadically like chess pieces, enclosing them, making them feel like they weren't allowed to leave. Not that leaving would be particularly facile. It's not every day you find yourself stranded in utter isolation, with complete strangers, everyone possibly amnesiacs.

In time, they will wish they indulged in that moment – back when they knew nothing about their haunted past and nothing about the terrors that faced them.


Mary is 15, lives in England and attends Helena Romanes School.

Story 140

Malaysian Food Poem!

by Delisha Chopra

The food glides into my mouth

Fantastic food, fabulous food, fiery food

My stomach slurps as you come by

Nasi Lemak is as delicious as my dreams

Malaysian food is my dreams


There goes my stomach


How my stomach chases you

I would do anything to get curry puffs

Don't forget the yummy Mee Goreng

I can feel your scent in my mouth


Delisha is 12, lives in Malaysia and attends Australian International School Malaysia.

Story 141

I Wonder

by Ellouise Lavery

Sometimes, as I lay in this cell, I wonder where did I go wrong? As I pull up my dirt-smeared sleeve to reveal my father's watch, I wonder, is this what he would have thought of me when he envisioned my future?

You see, a bright young boy I was, always doing what I was told. The good old days, when the only thing on my mind was homework and friends. Never once did I think of robbing banks and what face to make in my mugshot.

As I stare at the tally of days on my wall, I wonder, just wonder...

Why me?


Ellouise is 10 and lives in the UK.

Story 142


by Jake Ren

It was lost. My most valuable thing ever, gone.


Well, it all began when I found it, the shining sapphire rock. It captivated me. I would get more and more and be the happiest I could be. But no - there were no more of these rocks! I went insane, looking for more…

One day, I saw another. I went forward to claim it, but it spoke to me.

"You can't do this," it said, " you will lose the one thing you can't get back - your mind."

I carried on and finally grasped the two stones, then I knew nothing...


Jake is 10, lives in the UK and attends Papplewick School, Ascot.

Story 143

Can't We Have Peace?

by Cherie Li

Rain showered down on the Rocky Mountains. Azrail turned around and stared down the cliff, her eyes glowing.

"They're back," she growled.

Her pack roared down the mountain, their voices full of hatred.

"They steal our animals, can't blame us, we need their skin to sell for money." Voices echoed up the mountain. "They never leave us in peace!"

"They never give us a break," Azrail snarled.

"Greedy and brutal!" The alpha male rose. "Let's go."

Many gnarled in disapproval, but turned away reluctantly. They knew, a pack of hungry wolves are no match for the guns that humans carry.


Cherie is 12, lives in the Malaysia and attends Chinese Taipei School.

Story 144

The Fire

by Sally

The forest was on fire! Animals dashed away.

There was a fire monster. He was dancing with his eyes closed, unknowing he was causing trouble. He burnt down trees and houses. Braver animals wanted to talk to him, but he injured them by accident.

When firefighters saw the smoke, they rushed to the forest and sprayed water to wake the monster up. The monster opened his eyes, seeing half of the forest was burnt. He apologized.

The fire monster helped the injured animals recover, and the firefighters were happy the monster was kind. From then on, everyone lived in harmony.


Sally is 9, lives in the Malaysia and attends Taipei School.

Story 145

It's Hard, You Know?

by Afina Liang

Why would people look sad and unfocused?

Why would people fake their feelings?

Why would people lie?



“I’m fine”

“I like you”


I lie sometimes too, yet I expect honesty from others

I avoid by making absurd excuses, yet I expect others’ attention and effort

I hide my opinions, yet I criticize those who are afraid to speak up


It’s hard, you know, to know what others think

What their words mean

What they want

And their true feelings


But that is not the reason to stop trying

Don’t stop trying


Afina is 14, lives in the US and attends Canyon Crest Academy.

Story 146

What is Home?

by Martina Švidroňová

Home. Home can be a place but also a person.

She heard her mother say this wisdom and she could not understand it.

All of a sudden, a boy came into her life. Handsome, well dressed, with good behaviour… simply perfect. They met at the most unexpected moment. When she was walking her dog, Barney saw a cat, tore off the leash and ran away. After a while, she spotted her pet around the corner in someone 's arms. A spark jumped between them as they looked at each other.

And that was when she realized what her mother meant…


Martina is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 147


by Nela Bérešová

It was a boring, rainy day. An English lesson had just started. A teacher was talking about writing a short story. I was sitting at the front desk, but I didn’t really pay attention. The teacher gave us papers to write on and the class got quiet.

Nothing would come to my mind. I am a terrible writer. My eyelids started to feel a bit heavy as I was thinking deeply. I was slowly falling asleep and I could feel the stare of the teacher on my back. On the verge of dreaming, the idea finally came. I started writing. After a while, a half of the paper was full. As I was finishing, the bell rang and I woke up.

My paper was empty.


Nela is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 148

Hollywood Fame

by Alexandra Šmidová

She had an amazing life. Perfect family, perfect friends, perfect job. She always dreamt of being an actress.

Now, she’s standing on the red carpet right next to the most famous actors. Hundreds of cameras flashing in her direction. Thousands of fans shouting her name. Finally, she has everything she ever wanted. The Hollywood fame.

She has no idea how quickly life can change from living your dream to fighting to survive. But she is about to find out.


Alexandra is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 149

Secret Love

by Bronislava Najvirtová

She was eating her favourite chocolate hearts.

They were her favourite ones because the wrapper of each candy always had some short quote or funny text. Every now and then she would look forward to taking her time, focussing, and really thinking about every single one. So far, she liked “love is wild and can’t be tamed” the most. She’d already eaten five of them when she noticed that the wrappers were not as beautiful as usual, but crinkled and not wrapped properly.

She wouldn’t eat a single one of them until she figured out who had sent them to her.


Bronislava is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 150


by Daniela Tran Van

A cocoa biscuit. Vanilla filling. The perfect snack.

The flavours you taste. It’s not like something you’ve eaten before. Dipping it in milk, then biting into it. You can feel endorphins rushing through your body. Making you feel alive, happy and relaxed. Eating it is a part of my daily routine, a part of me.

They say you are what you eat and I’m different, not like the others. Maybe that’s why they call me Miss Oreo.


Daniela is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 151


by Emma Várady

The warm sun, the gentle breeze,

The hottest season of the year.

The bees hum as they fly,

The birds sing as you smile.


Warm air blowing through your hair,

Walking by the beach hand in hand.

The waves are crashing on the shore,

The moon is shining brightly, the ocean roars.


Cold night,

Watching falling stars,

Lying on the beach in your arms.


Emma is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 152


by Ema Lola Škombárová

I thought it was going to be alright.

But now, being in this room, I just want to crawl somewhere quiet and peaceful. All these colours! And noises! And people obviously living in the moment. Their voices sounding just like every little thing in this world I can think of right now.

My ears hear somebody talking to me and I think my eyes see them in front of me. But my mind can’t process all those things at once.

I run out, hoping to catch my breath and hide. Hide somewhere nothing can reach me.


Ema is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 153

Invisible People

by Martina Kaľavská

I am sitting at the corner of Main Street. October wind is blowing through my thin sweater. I can hear the sound of shoes hitting the ground and people talking but none of them are saying anything to me.

Their prejudices are blocking their ability to see. I call out for one woman, to ask her what time it is, but the sound of my voice does not reach her ears. Or at least she acts like it. After having been homeless for five years I am not surprised anymore, because being homeless equals being invisible.

It means being made of flesh and bones but still being seen through.


Martina is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 154


by Monika Sitášová

A soft rustle interrupted her thoughts. Suddenly, she became wary of her surroundings.

She would always walk through the forest alone, accompanied only by an occasional bird or, if she was lucky, a butterfly. She had taken the same trail so many times before – she wasn't worried about getting lost. There were no predators to be feared. Still, she found herself looking over her shoulder every few steps. Jumping at the slightest noise. Overcome by the feeling that something was just not quite right.

She would soon find that her gut did not deceive her.


Monika is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 155

A Wardrobe

by Nicolas Capek

The story you're gonna hear,

you'll never forget,

it's about me and the wardrobe of threat.


The moon stands still,

rain falls down,

it's touching the roof,

and scares the town.


The time we've moved here,

since that's changed a lot,

now i pray to sleep, but cannot.

Be sure, you know when it's near,

it leaves the wardrobe with fear.


And when it's late,

you should know,

it might be the last part of choir.


What it has in store,

all it has and more,

when it will break on through,

then it's time to finish you.


Nicolas is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 156


by Sara Sedláková

I’m running home. It’s really dark and I’m late. The sky is full of stars and only the moon shines on my way.

It starts to rain and I’m looking for some place to hide. I can see a bus stop in the shadow between the trees. I am running there. When I'm almost in that place, I slip on the wet grass. The only thing I can think of is that I'll hurt myself.

I'm practically on the ground when suddenly I hear, "Hey! Call a doctor! Hurry up! The nameless girl woke up finally!’’


Sara is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 157

A Lover

by Simona Kuzmová

He is the one to make me dance,

but we never met on the floor.

Only if you opened the door,

you never gave me my first chance.


He is the one to make me cry,

but when I see him smiling…

That smile would send me flying,

and I cannot help but try.


Running around in circles,

closing eyes to see miracles.

I want it all but am not supposed to,

that is what a lover makes you do.


Simona is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Gymnázium Šrobárova.

Story 158

Warming Love

by Timothy Velat

It’s three in the morning. Everything is covered in dark. The moon is brightly shining.

The chill feeling of cold is pulsating through our bodies. She’s lying next to me, holding my cold veiny hand. The wind is blowing lovely melodies and she’s staring into my eyes. Her look is like an arrow that’s piercing through my eyes and head. Then we’re looking at the stars above us thinking of each other. I have never known I could feel those emotions I have right now.

Then I realise, I’m in love with her. Suddenly, I’m not cold anymore.


Timothy is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 159


by Vanessa Verbőcziová

The rain pouring from the dark sky and the wind blowing strongly indicated a big storm coming.

People around me started panicking. It's unusual in the area for a storm to appear. I needed to get home. I heard a crying sound while waiting for the bus, but no one was around. And then I heard it again. I noticed a big box behind a tree. There was a puppy in it, just left there alone.

I took her home. We named her Raine and my family love her. I found my best friend that day and my heart got whole again.


Vanessa is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 160


by Viktória Fabriciová

All she wanted was to be herself,

but they told her what to wear,

to be the prettiest,

to act like a lady,

not like a man.

They told her to wear make-up,

"But too much is bad!"

They told her she shouldn't wear heels,

because she's too tall.

They told her if she was straight,

people would like her more.

They told her not to be so shy,

and then,

they laughed.


She was lonely and afraid,

she couldn´t do anything but listen.

They told her not to be different

and she suffered,

she cried,

she couldn't be herself.


Viktória is 16, lives in Slovakia and attends Grammar School Šrobárova 1, Košice.

Story 161

Future Shenanigans

by Charlotte Fordyce

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what about humans? They have far more intelligence than dogs.

If we teach more to the people of the past we could of learnt more and we’d be unstoppable. Or perhaps it could be deadly. You don’t know till you find out.

Every week or so I hop into the time machine ready to be transported to a far away destination to show people what life is like. And so far its powerful. World hunger has disappeared entirely. There's no more pain in the world and the only person to thank is the inventor of such a machine and me.


Charlotte is 16 and lives England.

Story 162


by Hugo

I am the rushing tornado

The dragon that catches your dreams

I pull you into the core of the earth like a hoover

I create chaotic wind in the city and pull homes in.


My lightning is like a giant neon centipede crawling out of the sky

I ruin your country only when the sky's not dry

I wrap around the screaming pedestrians down below.


The hail makes you sore but stings like a saw

I cast around the city as you run from me

The heat will go and I'll come and hit you as I drop ice.


Last but not least, I have the wind but I don't pull you in

I cast around earth now you can't leave

I'm like a bubble forcing you in.


I am Autumn.

Autumn poem by Hugo


Hugo is 9 and lives in the UK.

Story 163


by Lyba Ahmed

My heart is locked inside a cage.

So strong and kept so firmly shut that not even the best of warriors can break apart.

The light never shines though, no birds make their way past.

Yet I still feel every burn your words have sung.

Like a broken record taunting me, never giving up.

The words echoing in my heart. 

I feel the heaviness of the cage.

The voices begging to be heard.

Yet they will not.

They will be heard as taunts to the world.

Not the dire need for my heart to be loved.  


Lyba is 17 and lives in the UK.

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