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Books by Christopher Fielden

Here you will find details of books I've written and published. The To Hull & Back anthologies contain short stories by myself and many other authors.

Quick Links on this page:

How To Write A Short Story - To Hull & Back Anthologies - Wicked Game

Writing Challenge Anthologies - Christopher Fielden on Amazon - Self Publishing Advice

Books by Christopher Fielden

How To Write A Short Story

The full name of this book is How To Write A Short Story, Get Published & Make Money. It's an encyclopedia of 'how to' knowledge based on 10 years of fiction writing experience. Using my published stories as case-studies, I clearly show the reader how to write a successful short story, get it published and set realistic expectation regarding the amount of money a writer might be paid.

How To Write A Short Story, Get Published & Make Money

How To Write A Short Story, Get Published & Make Money

You can learn a lot more about this book on the How To Write A Short Story page.

The To Hull & Back Short Story Anthologies

These anthologies are published every year on Halloween (October 31st). They contain between 20 and 30 humorous stories penned by writers residing all over the planet.

To Hull & Back Anthology 2016

2016 To Hull & Back Anthology Cover

You can learn more about these anthologies (and how to purchase a copy) on the pages listed below:

Wicked Game

I wrote my first book, Wicked Game, after undertaking a correspondence writing course. Although I failed to convince an agent or publisher of the book’s worth, I self-published on Lulu and Amazon because I was proud of it. This allowed me to regard the project as complete, enabling me to move on with other work. It might not be worthy of the Pulitzer Prize, but the majority of people who have read it (a mix of friends, family and people I don’t know) have given me very positive feedback. It’s provided an excellent foundation for my future work as I learnt so much from writing and sharing it.

Wicked Game, thriller by Christopher Fielden, paperback book cover

Wicked Game

If you would like to, you can buy a copy from Lulu or Amazon. A lot more detail can be found on the Wicked Game page.

Writing Challenge Anthologies

I run many flash fiction writing challenges on my website. They support writers and charities. All submissions are published. Every time 100 stories are submitted, an anthology is created. Profits from sales are donated to different charities.

Writing Challenge Anthology

Adverbially Challenged Volume 1

The picture above is of the first anthology I released for the adverb writing challenge. Check out the writing challenges page, submit your flash fiction and see your work published :-)

Christopher Fielden on Amazon

You can see my Amazon profile here.

Christopher Fielden

My profile contains a biography and many details of all the books I've published.

Self-Publishing Advice

Self-publishing is easy and doesn't have to cost a fortune. You don't need to pay someone to help you self-publish. You can do it yourself on websites like Create Space and Lulu. If you use these sites, you have to be prepared to edit your book properly, giving it the attention it needs to look professional, and to buy proofs of the book to make sure the layout is correct when printed. This is MUCH cheaper than paying a self-publishing firm to help you.


I used Lulu to publish Wicked Game in 2010 (I published on Amazon in Kindle format a couple of years later) and found it an excellent way to self-publish a book. The site is straight forward to use and their help sections are well laid out and informative. They supply templates so that formatting your book is easy. If people want to buy a physical book, rather than a PDF download, Lulu will print up a single copy and post it to them. This is so much better than the old self-publishing methods, where you were required to buy 3,000 copies, selling 10 of them and then being forced to use the remaining 2,990 to insulate your home by storing them in your loft.

Create Space

I use Create Space to publish the To Hull & Back anthologies and plan to use it to publish any books I write in the future.

Create Space is an Amazon owned company. It's easy to use with lots of help and advice and offers templates to download making formatting your book simple. Once uploaded, you can use their online proofer to 'see' the book and review it. Although this is excellent, I'd still recommend buying a test copy in print to review as well as you need to see the finished book in real-life to make sure you're happy with the print quality and your choices of paper, size etc.

Like Lulu, Create Space and Amazon will print books to order, meaning you don't have to buy multiple copies. It also makes publishing your book on Kindle incredibly easy.

Due to the distribution channels and audience Amazon offer, Create Space is currently the best option available for authors who want to self-publish (in my opinion). Most people are familiar with Amazon and trust the brand - they feel comfortable buying from the Amazon website. This is another good reason to use it.

I have encountered a downside to using Create Space and Amazon which I feel I should mention...

If you want to have your book stocked in a bookshop, using Create Space can cause problems. Many bookshops refuse to stock Create Space books. This is because a lot of people in the book industry feel that Amazon is putting the traditional High Street bookshop out of business. Many are closing down as it's becoming increasingly hard for shop owners to make a living. It's the same kind of argument you hear about big supermarkets like Tesco putting local High Street shops out of business. I understand this viewpoint and am sympathetic to the situation.

Despite this, I've still chosen to use Create Space and Amazon. This is because I run a website. The vast majority of my audience find me through the website and I need to offer an easy way for them to purchase books online. So Amazon and Create Space fulfill my business need. You just need to decide if using them is appropriate for you.

Other Self-Publishing Services

There are alternative self-publishing services like those offered by Silverwood Books. I've never used their services myself, but have heard very good things about them through local and big brand bookshops - the quality of the books they produce is very high (I've seen them in shops). Services like this come with fees. This means you need to be thinking of spending at least £750 to have your book published. Through this type of service, your books are much more likely to end up in shops.

Other Books in the Pipeline

I am currently working on two more novels entitled Full Metal Racket and Beneath This Wonderful World.

InkTears are publishing five of my short stories in an author showcase collection in 2015.

I'm also writing a book called 'How to Write & Publish a Short Story'. It's a practical 'how to' book filled with tips and advice based on my real-life experiences. I'm using my own published short stories as case studies, referencing specific examples of how I have directly used the different tips and advice in the book to achieve publishing success. I hope it will help other writers attain publishing success. The book will use a format similar to the one I've used in the short stories section of the site, but will contain a lot more detail.

Get in Touch

If you do buy and read my work, I am always happy to receive feedback and constructive criticism. You can use the form below or visit the contact page.

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Your comments:

Mega Geoff
Hello my friend, I am looking forward to reading Wicked Game, Emma bought it and has said it was very good! Good luck Topher X

Dave P
Found your site very informative, thanks. I thought you might enjoy Chris Power's stuff at The Guardian as he is an authority on the short story, and there's always something good on his blog. Good luck with the competitions. Dave

Chris Fielden
Thanks Dave, I'll check it out :-)

Julia BP
Dear Chris, loved "Devil's Crush" and have just peeked inside "Wicked Game" via Amazon's look inside.

Rollicking good start. I'm so intrigued I've ordered a copy from Lulu. I do have a Kindle, but much prefer the heft of a 'proper book'. Can't wait for it to arrive, so I can get stuck in.

Best regards, Julia

Chris Fielden
Thanks Julia, glad you liked the opening - I'll be interested to see what you think when you've read the whole thing! Hope you enjoy it :-)

Fay S
Hi Chris, just a short note to tell you that I downloaded two books:

  1. How to Write a Short Story
  2. To Hull and Back 2016

I'm so greedy, I'm leaping between books to absorb as much as I can.

  1. Most of what I've taken away so far is that your book is informative and giving me lots to think about....this is where the Demon of Doubt comes to play with my mind. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with the rest of the world.
  2. Quite simply... a joy! What a great collection of short stories.

Thank you.

Chris Fielden
Hi Fay. Thanks for letting me know :-) It’s really nice to hear that you’re enjoying the books and learning from them.

Ah, that pesky Demon of Doubt… lock her up. Burn the key. Or, just ignore her. That works too.

I’ll look forward to an email in the future, telling me all about the short stories you’ve had published :-)