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81words - Stories Page 9

81words logo

An attempt to set a World Record for the most contributing authors published in an anthology

Full details about the 81 word writing challenge and the world record attempt can be found on the main 81words writing challenge page.

81 Word Stories – 801 to 900

Stories 801 to 900 are published below in the order they were received.

Story 801

They Met By Moonlight

by Ros Masterson

"Did you hear that?"


"A sort of scratchy sound."

"Scratchy like an itch?"

"No, scratchy like a shut-out cat."

He listens. "No."

The moon goes behind a cloud.

"There it is again. You must have heard it. There's a really big fox round here." She clutches his arm.

"Don't be scared. If it's only a fox."

She swings round. "It's behind me. Not scratchy, swishier than that; like a knife cutting through silk."

"Oh, that was me – is it silk?"

Story 802

Coconut Shy

by Louise Goulding

The Monday after the fair came to town – I'd gone with Andrea, and we rode the Waltzers twice, and got toffee apples – that Monday, Gus Webster – who sometimes came to school with dirty clothes and sometimes had no lunch and sometimes wasn’t there at all – Gus Webster had a black eye, and he told us it happened at the fairground – he said it got hit trying to win at the coconut shy, and I thought, Well, I never saw him there.

Story 803


by Sihaam Osman

This is nothing new.

If only I hadn't forgotten that the remote had fallen behind the sofa. I mean, I did manage to lose the keys a few days ago. And the plants do look a bit limp. With regards to the neighbour's cat, well, Linda isn't back for another week. The dishes in the sink have become a kitchen ornament.

Now, I am wondering where I've parked my car. It's 3:30 and I have a feeling I'm forgett—


Story 804

Uncle Donald

by Kudakwashe Chirapa

Uncle Donald never said anything to anyone on any particular day. He would always sit on his veranda and would nod to anything that passed by.

That is why everyone knew something was wrong the day he died. As usual, he was smoking a cigarette when he noticed Timothy the rapper passing by and called out to him, "Let's collaborate sometime this year."

Astonished by this, Timothy drew closer, only to notice that the old man had breathed his last breath.

Story 805

The Kid

by Benjamin Noel

Sixteen years ago, a sneaky, conniving but angel faced boy was born.

At the dinner table, he smiles and giggles like every adorable kid, but under the table, something is afoot. While his parents are distracted, his foot, armed with the sharpest toenails known to man, inches closer and closer to his big brother. And without a flicker in his puppy dog face, he swipes at the legs of his brother, slashing around for maximum damage.

He is my little brother.

Story 806

People Watching

by Charles Murphy

"You reckon she has low self-esteem?" Doug asked, nodding at the woman across the road in the beer garden.

"What do you mean?" replied Jason, taking a long draw on his cigarette.

"Well, you know. Big hair, heavy makeup and the clothes she's wearing. All there to compensate for a lack of personality."

"Yeah, I guess so."

Doug swiped his finger down his phone screen again. Damn, still no more likes.

Different filter? he thought. I'll check again in a minute.

Story 807

The Reality She Deserves

by Robbie Brown

Now that he had helped avert yet another apocalypse, it was finally time for Murf to be rewarded.

"You may live on the timeline and the reality of your choosing."

He decided that his mum deserved happiness even more than he. He let her be with her one true love, thereby writing himself out of all existence across all realities.

The world reset itself to 1976 and Belinda Murphy caught the eye of the man who could offer her the earth.

Story 808

Moving Target

by Seth Turner-Higgins


Sweat running, heart pumping, target met.

I’m still young. Still strong.

I climb off the machine, wipe down, drive to work.

Sweat running, heart pumping, target achieved.

Still top of my game. Still strong.


Sweat running, heart pumping, target gone.

Too still now.

Dusty bike, rusty bike.

Barely running, tyre pumping.


Still able.

Sweat running, heart pumping.

It's spring... glorious, abundant, alive. Light and speed surround me.

The bike moves. I am still, inside. Still in awe. Exhilarated.

Story 809

Humans Leave Earth

by Grace Turner-Higgins

Through the portal they step. One by one by one. Feet drag. Reluctant eyes linger regretfully on the barren wasteland they once called home.

Creator watches from above – exasperated. Today, humans leave Earth.

But maybe they've learnt their lesson? Maybe they won't destroy the next planet.

Creator rubs their temples. Unlikely.

With a sigh of resignation, Creator gets back to work.

A little air, some plants – some water? Hmm.

Creator scratches their chin. What next?

Some birds. Creator rather likes those.

Story 810

The LockdownTrepidation

by Eileen Baldwin

Come on, you’ll be fine, Jane thought to herself.

Her heart pounded as she closed her old wooden front door.

She donned her mask and walked the few minutes to her appointment. The birds were singing, their sweet voices a treat to hear. The air smelt fresh, but Jane was dreading her first trip out after lockdown.

Finally, she arrived at Jane's Hair Salon. Her first client, Mrs Jones, was waiting for a perm.

Both women were thrilled to be back.

Story 811

What Mother Said

by Isabel Flynn

Five years old and she peeled the banana, one section at a time, just like monkeys did. Or so her mother said. She'd never seen a monkey eating a banana. But she loved bananas and ate it.

Fifteen years old and she peeled the banana. Rubbing the skin insides onto your face freshens it like a spiny mouse. Or so her mother said. She'd never seen a spiny mouse and certainly didn't want spines, so passed. But she ate the banana.

Story 812


by Jeni Lawes

"Will you accompany me? I'd feel better if you came."

He turned to face me, watery eyes squinting in the sun. Slowly he got up, creaking as he did so.

We walked in silence to our destination. He waited patiently for me to collect groceries, watching the world go by around him. When we returned, she was there, red faced and fierce. "Stop luring my cat away," she shrieked.

We shared a secret look that said, "Until next time." I smiled.

Story 813


by David Viner

"Damned thing's infected."

"Didn't you do something to stop that?"

"Yeah, thought I had."


"It went bang..."

"Weren't you expecting that?"



"Carbon. Never know what it's gonna do next."

"Thought it was going to be simple."

"That was the plan. Pretty lights here, some quantum stuff there. Then this."

"So, what now?"

"Look down there, that planet. The damned infection's become self aware. That does it. I'll have to scrap this cosmos and build another one from scratch."

Story 814

Village Vigil

by Glo Curl

Japan had surrendered seven weeks since and men were returning from the camps, broken from the horrors they had endured. Whenever the train stopped at this station, he would listen for the church bells from the village two miles beyond; his village, his son's village, waiting.

Skilfully bringing the steaming giant to a halt, he leant out of the cab. The wind lifted his cap from his smoky brow, and in that instant, he heard them. He jumped down and ran.

Story 815

Toy Gun Versus Finger Gun

by Dr. Sriharsha Sripathi

A rather interesting situation I witnessed recently suggested that perhaps tots enjoy imagining toys rather than having real ones.

I observed my 2.25 year old son pointing out his forefinger, pretending it was a gun. He then threatened to shoot. Because of this, I decided to purchase him a toy gun that fired darts up to 15 feet away.

After receiving the toy, he continued to enjoy pointing out his forefinger and pretending it was a gun. He enjoyed that more.

Story 816

Memory Test

by Joseph Mould

"Damn door, it's stuck again."

"Do you know, Ken, you're like a broken record. You'd never make a burglar."

"Honestly, love, it's bad this time, won't budge an inch. I'm going to chop the damn thing to pieces."

"Idle threats, dear."

"What do you mean? When I get out to the shed, it's history."

"Good luck with that, could be tricky."

"Will you stop being such a patronising old bag?"

"Very well, my love, here's the key. Best try that first."

Story 817

Only You Can Save Him

by Pappo Nindo

He had always been the protagonist, but one day he woke up and suddenly wanted more.

A plan emerged, to break out of the narrative, by making the reader lose interest in him.

So he waited and waited, doing nothing noteworthy, to make sure that nobody would read to the end.

Weeks became months, years and decades but the story just skipped to the interesting part:

Now, only you can save him, dear reader, by not reading this story's last...


Story 818


by Dianne D. Pingalo

"Why did you leave?"

"I never left."

"You did. You left me alone."

"But I did not."

"I was sad, you know. I thought I was going to be alone again. You left. But that's OK, at least you came back. Are you here to stay?"

"Of course, though I never left. You just never talked to me."

"I did. I received no answer."

"Well, I'm here to stay."

"That's good to hear."

She smiles and walks away from the mirror.


End Of Page Note

I hope you enjoyed reading the ninth page of 81 word stories. You can find links to hundreds more on the main 81 word writing challenge page.

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