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81words - Stories Page 8

81words logo

An attempt to set a World Record for the most contributing authors published in an anthology

Full details about the 81 word writing challenge and the world record attempt can be found on the main 81words writing challenge page.

81 Word Stories – 701 to 800

Most of the eighth collection of 100 stories (stories 701 to 800) received via the 81 words writing challenge was removed from this website on 28th May 2021. I have left all the contributing author names on this page - you can see a list below.

I have also left a few of the stories on the page for you to enjoy. I hope they will encourage you to purchase the anthology :-) Every book sold generates money for a very worthy charitable cause.

81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology

You can learn more about the 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology here.

Story 701:


by Violet James

The blank page stares back at me.

Taunting me.

It’s milky white surface pristine, yet vulnerable.

Dare I mar it with unwarranted superlatives?

Shall I scroll along the edges with flowery prose?

Or simply state the facts without frivolity.

In the depths of sadness a swirl of light beckons.

Tactile and pure.

My muse is nearest in the dark.

He holds my hand.

Nudges me forward.

A kind word.

He comforts me.

He is the inspiration for all that I do.

Story 743:


by Clare Owen

Step on. Pay money. Get shoved. Fall forwards. Say, “Oi.” Turn round. Glare sourly. See gang. Eyes fall.

Gang push. Gang threaten. Driver shouts. “Clear off.” Gang laugh. Bus quivers. Sense doom.

Boy moves. Raises fist. Hits window. Driver shouts. Hits again. Hits again. Window shakes. “Stop now.” Police radioed.

Hits again. Hits again. Window smashes. Glass flies. People duck. Gang laugh. I tremble.

All quiet. Look up. Eyes meet. Teeth smile. Teeth bared. Raises fist. See exit. Leap forward. Escape.

Story 751:


by Doug Hawley

I tried to get a date with the girl at the grocery store. Because I was a little nervous and wasn’t ready, I asked where the bananas and apples were.

She said, “Aisle 26.”

Ashamed of my cowardice, I got a cart and picked up some bananas and apples.

I got up my courage to ask her out, so when I saw that no one else was in line, I boldly asked, “Now, how about a date.”

She said, “Aisle 15.”

Story 774:


by Karen Waldron

My great uncle Herbert left me the time machine. He was quite the writer in his day. Nobody knew he owned a real machine himself, and who knows if that famous novel was based on his own experiences.

I’ve had it all these years and I’d love to be able to tell you about where the machine has taken me, and how far into the past and future I’ve travelled. But, I’ve absolutely no idea how to work the blessed thing.

Story 775:


by Ross Lowe

My final magic trick was an absolute world-changer.

One minute, I was stepping confidently into my Mr Marvellouso Disappearing Box at the Bull’s Head, in front of a crowd of bored, unimpressed punters. The next minute, I stepped into a field of bemused cows in what looked like Switzerland. Ha. That showed them.

Hmm. Problem was, that showed me too.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t brought my wallet or my Disappearing Box (which had disappeared) to what was now clearly my new home.

Story 776:


by Alison Wren

Dad says wasps are evil, the work of the devil.

Pointless little critters, with no purpose in this life.

So the empty jam-jar sits on the windowsill with a hole in the lid.

It’s half-full of water. Or half empty, as he says.

Either way, it’s half-full of dead wasps.

You see, they’re not devious like Dad.

They just like strawberry jam and crawl in the top.

They buzz, bloat and bubble to death

So who’s the devil and who’s not?

Story 792:


by Jose Luis Torres

The young raised his hand and pointed to the free space. The old man obeyed the rest of his indications until the car was finally parked.

The improvised parking assistant waited patiently before performing his usual low-head and extended-palm approach. That cane tip made him look up and recognise Mr Rogers, his now retired teacher. The same who kept repeating he would get far in life.

Alone, still evoking those words, he ducked down by the tyre and opened his knife.

Story 800:


by Julia Wood

Today, I’m sad. The grey carpet is re-gathering itself above me, waiting to cover me, as though I am an unsightly thing, to be hidden away.

My holiday is coming to an end. And you know how it is with holidays? You never want them to end. I don’t want my flourishing flowers, my rejoicing creatures, smothered.

The humans are returning, rolling out the grey carpet, token of my unimportance. Soon, I’ll be hidden again. Neglected. Forgotten. No one will cry.

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Eighth 100 Contributing Author Names

Here is a list of the eighth pen of 100 contributing authors, listed in the order their stories appear in the book:

  1. Violet James
  2. Rex Charger
  3. Beth Greenwood
  4. T. W. Garland
  5. T. Luxton
  6. Danny Macks
  7. Carla Vlad
  8. Felix Castrillon
  9. Tessa Elliott
  10. Shelly Teems
  11. Blake Holcomb
  12. Christine Bukania
  13. MF Mika
  14. Bart Elbey
  15. Kennedy Meechan
  16. Mason Bell
  17. Roberta Scafidi
  18. Kathryn Joyce
  19. Matthew Bines
  20. Andrew Ball
  21. Yvonne Clarke
  22. Olivia Ackers
  23. Hilary Taylor
  24. Marco Cardoni
  25. Liz Krogman
  26. Lee Holland
  27. CompletelyBoofyBlitzed
  28. Jill Lang
  29. Ibukun Keyamo
  30. Paul Rhodes
  31. RL Comstock
  32. Marsha K. Hanson
  33. Muriel Garvis
  34. Kaelin Lee
  35. Tony Lawrence
  36. Kate Miller
  37. Clarrie Rose
  38. Jordan B. Jolley
  39. Emily K Martin
  40. Jonathan Pacheco
  41. Lisa Reynolds
  42. Chloe Testa
  43. Clare Owen
  44. S. Rupsha Mitra
  45. Taylor Moore
  46. B. K. Bolen
  47. Christine Reeves
  48. JS Cline
  49. Sebastian Cowen
  50. G. Gaurav
  51. Doug Hawley
  52. Sylvia Ketchum
  53. B.C. Ong
  54. Mahek Khwaja
  55. James Northern
  56. Madiana Dethan
  57. Miriam Hurdle
  58. Sarah Brown
  59. Hullabaloo22
  60. Siegfried E Finser
  61. Mark Pritchard
  62. Lee Foley
  63. Rudy S. Uribe Jr.
  64. Oliver Lynton
  65. Bert Velthuis
  66. Gordon Williams
  67. Madeleine McDonald
  68. Andrew James Spence
  69. Dave Firth
  70. Fabio Crispim
  71. Adrian Hallchurch
  72. Peggy Gerber
  73. Christian Andrei Nuez Laplap
  74. Karen Waldron
  75. Ross Lowe
  76. Alison Wren
  77. Phil Maud
  78. Nili Roberts
  79. Bridget Yates
  80. M Anthony David
  81. John James Morris
  82. Sachin Prakash
  83. Farzaneh Hajirasouliha
  84. Vicki Sinclair
  85. Lucy Lucy
  86. Rebeccah Yeadon
  87. Julie Mayger
  88. Mariam Bibi
  89. Neil Renton
  90. Kirk I. Holden
  91. Zoey Rowan
  92. Jose Luis Torres
  93. Michael Lane
  94. Rob Bray
  95. Holly Webster
  96. Linda Smith
  97. Michele Witthaus
  98. Gwyneth Williams
  99. Ivan Richardson
  100. Julia Wood

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G. G
Hi Chris, I am delighted to see my story on your 81 word writing challenge site. Thank you so much.

Chris Fielden
No problem, thank you for submitting :-)

Nili R
I love every entry I have read on this page. What an impressive collection. Thank you for adding mine!

Chris Fielden
No problem, Nili - thank you for submitting :-)

Julia W
Chris, lovely to read my story 'Gaia's Lament' on your page. And also great to read fellow Leicester Writers Club members' stories as well! Keep up the great work, pushing for that record anthology.

Chris Fielden
Thanks very much, Julia - will do :-)

Phil M
I really like the  The Heirloom by Karen Waldron - it built me up thinking we were going to hear of past times but at the end I had to laugh. Very good, very funny.

Chris Fielden
That's great, thanks Phil. And thank you for submitting too :-)