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81words - Stories Page 4

81words logo

An attempt to set a World Record for the most contributing authors published in an anthology

Full details about the 81 word writing challenge and the world record attempt can be found on the main 81words writing challenge page.

81 Word Stories – 301 to 400

Most of the fourth collection of 100 stories (stories 301 to 400) received via the 81 words writing challenge was removed from this website on 27th May 2021. I have left all the contributing author names on this page - you can see a list below.

I have also left a few of the stories on the page for you to enjoy. I hope they will encourage you to purchase the anthology :-) Every book sold generates money for a very worthy charitable cause.

81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology

You can learn more about the 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology here.

Story 301:


by Daniel McClaskey

Everyone is staring holes into my pigmentless skin, so I should probably say something. I’ve been dreading this week forever.

Shakily, I begin, “Hi, my name’s Ste… *cough* …Abigor, and I’ve been fanged since 1884.”

In unison, “Welcome, Abigor,” drones from the room.

I look around and a lady at the back of the room catches my eye. She has those ambiguous green-brown eyes that I’ve definitely seen somewhere before. Her scent reminds me of a time before the bi…


Story 342:


by Andrew Perry

When I’ve lots of jobs to do, time passes incredibly fast. When I’ve nothing to do, time stands still. What I needed was time to go slow when I’d lots to do and time to go fast when I was bored.

So, on a day when I had lots to do, I did nothing. Success, I had all the time in the world. Unfortunately, I now have a long list of things to do and no time to do them in.

Story 348:


by Gowravy Ravanan

He wakes me up with a cute smile, caressing my head. He carries me to the bathroom. He cooks me delicious food. He gets me ready, like Mum does. He drops me at school, wishing me good luck.

He picks me up. On the way home, he buys all the candy I want. He reads me bedtime stories. He kisses me on the forehead while I pretend to sleep.

These images flash in my tears, as I look at his coffin.

Story 381:


by John Holland

“It’s a madness, a sickness, a weakness. What on earth can I do with this so-called love you say you have for me? I can’t bake a cake with it. I can’t dig it in the garden. I can’t take the dog for a walk with it. I’m busy. And it’s your problem, not mine.”

“But I can’t put it back. I can’t un-love you. No matter how harshly you treat me.”

“Sorry. Was I being overly-negative?”

“Not overly, my love.”

Story 391:


by Chris Espenshade

Faith-keepers unwrapped the classic 1870s plains pipe. A metre long, it was carved catlinite, embellished with beads and eagle feathers. It had passed among chiefs and US representatives. Its smoke sealed promises of peace and land security.

The archivist swelled with pride of repatriation. “Your heritage.” The museum wanted a public ceremony. The tribe declined.

The traditionalists placed the pipe on a basalt slab, lifted cobbles and wordlessly took turns smashing it to dust.

Each fracture, a broken promise. “Our heritage.”

Story 400:


by James Smart

World leaders gathered around a simple laptop, their sole interface with their new AI. Great men and women were reduced to biting nails and sweating brows. They prepared themselves for the demands of a sentient cyberbeing that was holding the world to ransom. It had control of every nuclear warhead on the planet and access to all human knowledge stored on the web. Everyone held their breath as letters forming words appeared on the screen:

I want to be a train.

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Fourth 100 Contributing Author Names

Here is a list of the fourth pen of 100 contributing authors, listed in the order their stories appear in the book:

  1. Daniel McClaskey
  2. Saras Ojha
  3. Kimberly Owen
  4. Chris Pritchard
  5. Grant O'Townson
  6. Byron Coulson
  7. Shauna Elizabeth Murray
  8. Levi Earl
  9. Mckenzie Tompson
  10. Keith Pearson-Sandelands
  11. Madison Pickering
  12. Kelsey Juean Irving
  13. Darci-Leigh Robinson-Askew
  14. Harley Logan Thompson
  15. Paige Murray
  16. Josh Joseph Dixon
  17. Layla Calarco
  18. Finlay Thomas Tweedie
  19. Keian Murray
  20. Thomas James Busby
  21. Ryan Fell
  22. Layla Ahmed
  23. Helen Matthews
  24. Kolade Ajila
  25. Kimana McCallum
  26. L J King
  27. Ally Cook
  28. Jane Sleight
  29. Shirley Muir
  30. Mary Prior
  31. John Cooper
  32. Ruth Pedley
  33. Simone Wallace
  34. Carolyn Ward
  35. Lisa Miller
  36. Wendy Roe
  37. Charlotte Ward
  38. S Thomson-Hillis
  39. Anita Goveas
  40. Stephanie Ngoei
  41. C.R. Berry
  42. Andrew Perry
  43. Dean Hollands
  44. Sophia Manubay
  45. Christian Obaitan
  46. Oort Kuiper
  47. Ian James Stewart
  48. Gowravy Ravanan
  49. Thatchayani Ravanan
  50. James Byrne
  51. Christianna Sahadeo
  52. Laura Day
  53. Helen Merrick
  54. Cameron Crebs
  55. Lucy Camilla
  56. Lynn Gale
  57. Isabella Rae Wharton-McLellan
  58. CB McCall
  59. Christine Hursell
  60. Wanda Wright
  61. James Braun
  62. Pamela Pope
  63. Joe McMullen
  64. Maria Noble
  65. Valerie Fish
  66. Lidia Giusa
  67. Marie McGinn
  68. Kira Inglis
  69. Victoria Gaylor
  70. Ani Martin
  71. Jessica Turnbull
  72. Mairead Robinson
  73. Rachel Smith
  74. Constance Bourg
  75. Patrick ten Brink
  76. Nam Raj Khatri
  77. Carrie Hewlett
  78. Jamie Welch
  79. Mary Papageorgiou
  80. Susi J Smith
  81. John Holland
  82. David McTigue
  83. Olivia-Ann Saxton
  84. Heidi Vanlandingham
  85. Peter J. Corbally
  86. David Heaton
  87. Sarah Everett
  88. Sarah Stephenson
  89. Olusanya Anjorin
  90. Jack Purkis
  91. Chris Espenshade
  92. Aishwarya Harikumar
  93. Christine Kingshott
  94. Misa Hennin
  95. Kathryn J Barrow
  96. DT Langdale
  97. Andre Othenin-Girard
  98. Lucy Morrice
  99. Lauren Raybould
  100. James Smart

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