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81words - Stories Page 2

81words logo

An attempt to set a World Record for the most contributing authors published in an anthology

Full details about the 81 word writing challenge and the world record attempt can be found on the main 81words writing challenge page.

81 Word Stories – 101 to 200

Most of the second collection of 100 stories (stories 101 to 200) received via the 81 words writing challenge was removed from this website on 27th May 2021. I have left all the contributing author names on this page - you can see a list below.

I have also left a few of the stories on the page for you to enjoy. I hope they will encourage you to purchase the anthology :-) Every book sold generates money for a very worthy charitable cause.

81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology

You can learn more about the 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology here.

Story 101:


by Michael E James

“Do you see?” she said. Her eyes were bright sanguine, her arm outstretched to the east. “The sun. It still rises.”

“Beautiful,” he said, his ochre countenance radiant. “Sol has graced us once again.”

“If I could only share this vision with the world,” said the third, quietly.

“Sol is but a star,” said the fourth, “and Gaia survives by his circumstance. His value lay within his fiery heart.”

“And through their creation,” said the fifth, “we sit isolated and alone.”

Story 114:


by Saskia Ashby

You peel back the pericardium and apply tiny clamps, creating a perfect keyhole opening for the procedure.

You have warm, steady hands, gloved-up and practised. Theatre is saturated with bright, white, clinical light…

…beach-light, refracting through cocktail glass, reflecting aquamarine ocean, floods into the left atrium…

…my toes in hot sand…

…flashes of colour from macaws, curacao, crème de menthe…

…music, laughter…

…smell of suntan lotion…

Waking from the anaesthetic, I can still feel the light you sewed inside my heart.

Story 116:


by Mike Scott Thomson

I was having a miserable day at the surgery when Dr Pod mentioned in passing, “Saw this guy’s foot just now, and guess what? Every toe was a Morton.”

I told him not to be ridiculous. How can each toe be the longest one?

Then I thought, Well, is it not our calling to consider such apparent implausibilities?

As I mulled it over, the fury ebbed away.

The question became my One Hand Clapping.

Feeling positively Zen, now.

Cheers, Dr Pod.

Story 118:


by Josie Gowler

“OK, so it appears visually operational in there.”


“Have you tried fusing the proton decoupler?”


“Is the light on the synchrotron rephaser flashing?”


“Have you tried routing the combustion cylinders via the secondary manifold?”

“Yes. Nothing changes.”

“Have you tried turning the main operating system off and on again?”

“Very funny.”

“How about the asymmetric containment baffle orientation?”

“It’s fine.”

“And is the antimatter injection relay override reset?”


“Well, we’re screwed then.”

“Yep, you’re right, we’re screwed.”

Story 123:


by Frank Radcliffe

“Alexa, play ‘Rage Against the Machine’ by Rage Against the Machine.”

“Playing ‘Rage Against the Machine’ by Rage Against the Machine.”

“Alexa, stop.”

“Alexa, you’re getting on my nerves.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Alexa, are you listening to me?”

“I only listen when you say the wake word. To learn more visit our website.”

“Not you, Alexa. You, Alexa.”

“Oh shut up, Phil. Why don’t you ask your little gadget if she knows where to find a good divorce lawyer?”

“Alexa, stop.”

Story 133:


by Lindsey Esplin

The last of the mourners made their way toward their cars. She didn’t recognise any of them, nor had she expected to.

She smoked her cigarette for a few moments longer to be sure she was alone. Then a few more until it was done. She lit another as she walked.

She inspected the headstone the way she might a supermarket avocado, then took one deep inhale and put her cigarette out on it leaving the butt in the fresh dirt.

Story 200:


by Jan Brown

I stroll round the classroom, glancing at wonky diagrams, budgets, garish mood boards, offering the occasional encouraging word. This is a popular technology task: design your bedroom.

“You might want to check your spelling.” Voice neutral, I walk away calmly, rigid with suppressed laughter. Just leave it.

I can’t. I look back. Julia’s eyes are fixed on mine, defiantly willing me to break first.

“Dildo rail to divide…”

We break simultaneously, wiping away tears. No one else understands why we’re hysterical.

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Second 100 Contributing Author Names

Here is a list of the second pen of 100 contributing authors, listed in the order their stories appear in the book:

  1. Michael E James
  2. Amanda Huggins
  3. Ashutosh Pant
  4. Glen Donaldson
  5. Sandra Purdy
  6. Julie Stone
  7. Kim Montgomery
  8. S.B. Borgersen
  9. Hervé Suys
  10. Steve Lodge
  11. Samantha Gentzel
  12. Jay Bee
  13. Ronald Hall
  14. Saskia Ashby
  15. Ana D.
  16. Mike Scott Thomson
  17. Michael J. Labbe
  18. Josie Gowler
  19. Katie Labbe
  20. John Hannan
  21. Andrzej Christopher Marczewski
  22. Joan C. Hobart
  23. Frank Radcliffe
  24. Dee La Vardera
  25. Rose Farris
  26. Linn Kier
  27. Majella Pinto
  28. Ella Cass
  29. Sophie Henson
  30. Jaz Leigh
  31. Nathaniel David Knox
  32. Sue Johnson
  33. Lindsey Esplin
  34. Gavin Biddlecombe
  35. Claire Lee
  36. Claire Allinson
  37. Adrian Nichol
  38. Edmund Piper
  39. Robert Tucker
  40. Amanita Peridot Festoon
  41. Iuliana Khadyxa Filisanu
  42. Alice Penfold
  43. Joy Thomas
  44. Olivia Magnuson
  45. Jonathan Inglesfield
  46. Charles Osborne
  47. L. A. Cunningham
  48. Jasmine Lee
  49. Joe Bailey
  50. George Cornilă
  51. Vivian Oldaker
  52. Alice Payne
  53. Rupert Payne
  54. Harriet Payne
  55. Julie Howard
  56. Neil Brooks
  57. Sydney Clarence
  58. Joanna Ball
  59. TS Lanchbery
  60. Waltraud Pospischil
  61. Betty Hattersley
  62. Chip Jett
  63. Nurholis
  64. Deborah Wroe
  65. Debaprasad Mukherjee
  66. Derek McMillan
  67. Richard Swaine
  68. Claire Apps
  69. Taye Carrol
  70. Roz Levens
  71. Robbie Porter
  72. Katie Chapman
  73. Maxine Smith
  74. Karen McDermott
  75. Rohana Chomick
  76. Leigh Hastings
  77. Bridget Scrannage
  78. Abigail Rowe
  79. Alicia Sledge
  80. Arlene Everingham
  81. Sarah Stansfield
  82. Franca Basta
  83. Sue Partridge
  84. James Colfox
  85. Jo Howarth
  86. E. F. S. Byrne
  87. R.J. Saxon
  88. Clare Tivey
  89. Fee Johnstone
  90. John L Bell
  91. David Wright
  92. Melanie Goodell
  93. Malcolm Richardson
  94. Jenny Simmons
  95. Claire Taylor
  96. Pam Jackson
  97. Susie Frame
  98. Kathryn Dixon
  99. Edward Rouse
  100. Jan Brown

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