'These darkly comic tales place the author snugly between Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Be sure: Chris Fielden is one funny feller.' Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Award winner.
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81words - Stories Page 1

81words logo

An attempt to set a World Record for the most contributing authors published in an anthology

Full details about the 81 word writing challenge and the world record attempt can be found on the main 81words writing challenge page.

81 Word Stories – 1 to 100

Most of the first collection of 100 stories received via the 81 words writing challenge was removed from this website on 27th May 2021. I have left all the contributing author names on this page - you can see a list below.

I have also left a few of the stories on the page for you to enjoy. I hope they will encourage you to purchase the anthology :-) Every book sold generates money for a very worthy charitable cause.

81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology

You can learn more about the 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology here.

Story 001:


by Christopher Fielden

For sale. One dragon. Name: Fire Bringer. Temperament: challenging. Food: meat, vast quantities of, raw, alive, preferably screaming.

As name suggests, Fire Bringer does breathe fire. Said fire will melt anything, including High Tensile Steel and titanium.

Chain and collar included, although not effective (see notes regarding breath).

Likes long flights, smiting, riddles, treasure and things that twinkle.

Perfect pet for megalomaniac who wishes to take over the world. Large cave essential, best located remotely in extinct volcano.

Open to offers.

Story 002:


by Michael Rumsey

I do not like dogs, never have. Daniel should have consulted me before bringing that crazy stray home. One pet in the house is enough.

Typically, Bruno turned out to be loud, boisterous and charged around like the proverbial bull in a china shop. But he does have one redeeming attribute.

I take a nap every afternoon. Bruno ensures no other strays enter our garden, allowing me to sit up in our apple tree and purr away to my heart’s content.

Story 004:


by Allen Ashley

Yes, I remember eighty-one. A year of strife. The transport system in meltdown. Workers and management at loggerheads. Fears about automation in the workplace leading to further job losses. Poor air quality. Urban health scares. Governments considering land grabs and ready to send in an army at any provocation. The media finding convenient foreign scapegoats. Nobody seemed to be sticking up for the ordinary working man. Or woman.

Why have I not mentioned Thatcher?

I was talking about 2081. And 1881…

Story 013:


by John Holmes

He had promised her that he’d live until his 90th.

The doctor sighed, lowered his head and closed the front door behind him.

Slowly, she climbed back upstairs and entered their bedroom of 70 years.

Her lips felt the cold of his forehead.

“You promised not to die. You promised.”

Picking up the present from the bed, she could feel the warmth of her own tears.

One drop splashed onto the wrapping paper.

The receipt was still lying in her purse.

Story 028:


by Lesley Anne Truchet

I hate school.


Week 1 to 3, I nicked goods from shops.

Week 4, I sold the stuff on eBay.

Week 5, I was running to the post office with parcels. The money rolled in.

Next week, I’ll car boot the rest. Mum will think I’m clearing my room and she’ll help out with her car.

Last summer, I made £750.00. This summer will be around £1,000.

This time next year, I’m gonna be a millionaire.

I hate school.

Story 047:


by Ian Tucker

As a kitten, Furborg caught flu and almost died.

Accidentally drinking floor cleaner claimed another life shortly afterwards.

When young, he’d underestimated the strength of a fox.

And he once fell three storeys from a roof.

The vase that toppled onto him wasn’t his fault.

And every cat has one bad experience with curiosity.

One time, he ate the wrong sort of grass.

Recently, there was the incident with the yellow lorry.

Adding these up, Furborg is now much more cautious.

Story 097:


by Adam Rubinstein

“You got Sharon a birthday present?” Trev sipped his pint.

“Half inch Torque wrench set,” said Terry. “Money’s tight.”

“I think you’re missing a trick there, mate. You never did understand how women tick.”

“You think?”

“They’re different from us. They want to feel like they’re really loved, special like.”

“I see what you mean.” Terry sighed.

“It’ll be worth it, mate.”

“OK,” Terry decided, “I’ll go for the three quarter inch set.”

“Man, you are going to get so laid.”

Story 100:


by Matilda Pinto

What did I just see?

A tail, clambering inward, into the left bellbottom.

He’s dead meat.

Act now.

But how? I’m no Houdini.

You have got to try. Well?

I try calling out.

“Look here. Yes, you, with the blue bells. Stand where and as you are. Raise your left leg up, up and up, and with a savage wiggle, stomp down. Ready, steady and… go.”

There, in a freefall, is a green chameleon, blushing red and sprinting for his life.

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First 100 Contributing Author Names

Here is a list of the first pen of 100 contributing authors, listed in the order their stories appear in the book:

  1. Christopher Fielden
  2. Michael Rumsey
  3. Jerry Wilson
  4. Allen Ashley
  5. Sivan Pillai
  6. Rene Astle
  7. Christopher Searle
  8. David Turton
  9. John Notley
  10. Gillian Macleod
  11. Jamie Graham
  12. Wayne Hewitt
  13. John Holmes
  14. Len Saculla
  15. Linda Taylor
  16. Sandra Orellana
  17. Tanya Johnson
  18. Alexandra Klyueva
  19. Catherine Broxton
  20. Abigail Williamson
  21. Louise Burgess
  22. Robert Kombol
  23. Diane Harding
  24. Maddy Hamley
  25. Alan Barker
  26. Barry Smith
  27. James Sanders
  28. Lesley Anne Truchet
  29. Barry Rhodes
  30. Brett Elliott-Palmer
  31. Claire Temple
  32. Tracey Maitland
  33. Crilly O'Neil
  34. Daniel L. Link
  35. Michelle Konov
  36. Silver Morris
  37. Michael Mclaughlin
  38. Liam Lawer
  39. Norm Veasman
  40. J.S Taols
  41. S. W. Hardy
  42. Özge Göztürk
  43. Paul Shaw
  44. Abhi Shan
  45. Christine O'Donnell
  46. Caroline Wright
  47. Ian Tucker
  48. Femi S. Craigwell
  49. Nick Fairclough
  50. Ali Bounds
  51. David Silver
  52. Jaine Irish
  53. Prisha Gupta
  54. Ros Byrne
  55. David Rhymes
  56. Julia O'Dowd
  57. Jessica Joy
  58. Fay Franklin
  59. Irving Benjamin
  60. Emma Stammeyer
  61. Valerie Griffin
  62. Everest Pen
  63. Tess M Shepherd
  64. Mike Blakemore
  65. Ryu Ando
  66. Maxx Dominic
  67. Devon Goodchild
  68. Edwin Stern
  69. Jack Dudley
  70. Rui Soares
  71. Angelique Dusengimana
  72. Patrick Antonio
  73. Maria DePaul
  74. Gemma Martiskainen
  75. Katy Clayton
  76. Douglas J. Shearer
  77. Kathleen Keenan
  78. Jack Hanlon
  79. Vichar Lochan
  80. James Hornby
  81. Paul Phillips
  82. Wendy Christopher
  83. Dez T.
  84. Lewis Ayers
  85. Tanya Butler
  86. Claire Gagnon
  87. John S Alty
  88. John Robertson
  89. Smritirekha Talukdar
  90. J. L. Harland
  91. Jonathan Martindale
  92. Tarquin Calver
  93. Alan D. Przybylski
  94. Jon Drake
  95. Sheila Rosart
  96. Adam Wright-Johnson
  97. Adam Rubinstein
  98. Helen Combe
  99. Frank Hubeny
  100. Matilda Pinto

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