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Funny Stuff What Makes I Laugh Proper Loud

Sorry, I went all Bristol while writing the title...

The wonderful wordage and videos I've listed on this page have the power to make me snigger like I’ve crashed my Fun Tanker into a Nitrous Oxide Factory. It's a collection of the funny things I turn to on the rare occassions when life turns to shite and I need a dose of laughter to perk me up.

The list is for me really, so I don't have to go looking for amusing things when I need a giggle. But if you find this page, I hope you enjoy it :-)

If you’ve seen something hilarious and would like to share it with me, I'd be happy to hear from you as I like to laugh. If it makes tears roll down my face, I promise to list it here.


Virgin Airways - Funny Complaint Letter

This is probably the funniest customer complaint letter ever written. It offers the perfect example of how to make a point using humour rather than utilising copious amounts of profanity and ranting like an idiot. I read that Richard Branson replied personally to the letter.

Funny Complaint Letter - Virgin Food Picture

To see the complaint letter, click here.


Armageddon – Radio Announcer Corpsing

This is a live radio recording. The announcer is reading a story from the Los Angeles times about felching, and gets a fit of the giggles.

Damn You Auto Correct

DYAC is a website that lists funny auto correct text mistakes. The link below takes you to the funniest collection I’ve found, but it’s worth browsing the rest of the site as they’re all pretty hilarious.

Best Damn You Auto Correct

To see the best of Damn You Auto Correct, click here.


Fanny Chmelar – Bradley Walsh Corpsing on The Chase

The Chase is a UK TV game show. Bradley Walsh is the host and is renowned for giggling fits, but this is the funniest corpsing I’ve seen him do.


Funny Analogies

This is a collection of amusing analogies, said to have been written by high school students.

To see the funny analogies, click here.

Hitler lost his motorcycle, then got a BMW GS

The best fake German translation I've seen - all the more amusing if you ride motorbikes.


Clients From Hell

Clients From Hell Logo

Here you can sift through exchanges between service providers and their clients. It's hilarious and totally addictive. Click here to visit the site.


Answer Phone Voicemail Message of an Accident

This is an answer machine message someone left while witnessing a road traffic accident outside of Dallas. The voice describes (amidst fits of laughter) the aftermath of the car carnage when one man tried to face down four severely pissed off old ladies.


The Funniest Amazon Reviews

You'll find lots of lists of the funniest reviews on Amazon, but there are two (in my humble / twisted opinion) that are more hilarious than all the rest combined.

  1. BIC for her medium ballpoint pen (box of 12) black reviews
  2. Veet hair removal cream reviews


Spike Milligan - Grovelling Bastard

This is a video of the legend that is Spike Milligan accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Bristish Comedy Awards in 1994. Jonathan Ross does his best to read out a letter from HRH Prince Charles, but finds it impossible due to Spike's awesome humour.


Pinterest Fails

If you're having a bad day and nothing is going right, this will help you feel better about yourself - other people 'nailing it', which is code for other people cocking things up far worse than you have. The image below says it all.

Cake Fail


Mr Show - Wicked Sceptre Party Tape

Rock band Wicked Sceptre's party tape. This was originally a sketch on America's Mr Show.


Metallica, The Roots & Jimmy Fallon Sing 'Enter Sandman'

I've always loved Metallica. Then I saw this. Now I love them even more. A rock band having fun with their music and not taking themselves too seriously. Legends.


Easter Bunny With Cocks For Feet

This is a picture of an Easter card that my nieces sent my mum and dad. Sweet and innocent at first glance...

Funny Easter Bunny

I was sitting in my parent's living room, having a chat, when I suddenly noticed that the bunny on the card appeared to have feet that looked like two pieces of the male anatomy that:

  1. You would not expect to see on an Easter card
  2. You wouldn't expect my nieces to send their grandparents
  3. Is very funny

Once you see it, you can't unsee it... sorry :-)


A Fart In A Meeting = Corpsing

When someone farts in a meeting, what should you do? Laugh. Uncontrollably. And when they fart again, laugh some more.


James Naughtie 'Jeremy Hunt' Spoonerism on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4

This is a fabulous use of the wrong consonant, made by James Naughtie on BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme. While the language caused upset to some listeners, none of them can deny that his misuse of one letter still made for a highly accurate description of this particular politician...

The video was shared with me by Alex Tolanski, when she entered my To Hull And Back short story contest. Alex said:

I'm sorry it [Alex's entry] is so close to the closing date, as I know that what you don't want is a rush of entries at the end. I only just saw your competition this week, and what delayed me more was your 'Funny Stuff What Makes I Laugh Proper Loud' and then being drawn into the external sites. Something that had me in tears when I heard it live on Radio 4 was James Naughtie's unfortunate slip of the tongue, which you may think suitable for your page.

I do. Here it is:


Dollar Shave Club - Funny Advert

Razors have never been so much fun...


Some Jokes That Are Actually Funny

I often find jokes tired and boring, but some of these are actually new, fun and inventive, if not a little twisted. Click here to see the jokes.


Two Scots In An Elevator

This is a funny video sketch about two Scottish gents in a voice activated lift. The lift is having a little difficulty understanding them...

Big thanks to Dawn Rae, one of my website users, for making me aware of this piece of comedy gold.


My Dad Wrote A Porno

Jamie Morton is a very lucky man. His dad wrote an erotic novel and shared it with him. He and his friends, James Cooper and Alice Levine, rip the shit out of it in a series of hilarious podcasts.

You can listen to the podcasts here.


Fever - Animal from the Muppets and Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno trying to sing Fever (a song by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, made famous by Peggy Lee) but Animal is playing drums in a way that makes it impossible.


The Pink Panther - Clouseau vs Cato

Inspector Clouseau fighting his manservant, Cato, in the film The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

The Pink Panther films are an endless source of laughter. Below are two more videos. They are outtakes from the Pink Panther film series.

The first is the infamous 'fart in the lift' scene, which includes an interview with Peter Sellers.

The second is a compilation of bloopers from the Pink Panther series.


Mrs Brown's Boys - Bikini Wax

This is the full scene (long version) from the UK sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys where Mrs Brown gets a bikini wax.


Tennessee Ernie Ford – Funny Song

This is an old piece of footage from the Dean Martin Show. It’s all about the audience and Dean Martin's reaction to the first chorus. The song is called Where Were You When the Ship Hit the Sand.


Django Unchained – That Scene With The Masks

A great scene from Django Unchained, poking fun at the klu klux klan. Awesome.


The Dentist – Harvey Corman Corpses in Funny Skit

This is a sketch from the Carol Burnett Show, starring Tim Conway and Harvey Corman. Harvey Corman gets a serious laughter attack during the performance.

Unfortunately, this amazing piece of comedy history has been removed from YouTube because WMG blocked it on copyright grounds. What a shame. It's worth doing a search for it though, as it does reappear from time to time.


Billy Connolly Talking About Incontinence Pants

This is part of a live Billy Connolly show, filmed in front of an audience of UK television stars in 1985 for the BBC. There are many funny Billy Connolly sketches, but this one has a certain magic about it.

Sadly this video was removed from YouTube, so no longer appears here. It's worth trying to find, though. Hilarious.



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Your comments:

You do know that the incident described in 'Armageddon' was fake, right? Check it out at Snopes.

Chris Fielden
I didn't know that. I don't think it spoils Armageddon though, as what makes it funny (for me at least) is how the newsreader loses it and starts laughing, not the actual story.

Jan H
Hysterical.  Laughed so much I needed some incontinence pants!  Thank you.

Jerry W
Hi, Chris. A quick poll of my drummer friends' interpretations of the Animal/Rita Moreno video was inconclusive, but predictable.  Half of them thought Animal's performance was far too restrained, and the other half didn't realize that there was an audio track to the clip; they were absorbed with just watching Rita Moreno breathe.  Drummers.

Great website.  Thanks, Chris

Chris Fielden
Ha! Thanks, Jerry :-)

Diana B
Thanks for the laughs! When you laugh out loud while on your own then you know its funny. The Fanny Chmelar (The Chase) and Dentist (Carol Burnett) skits are two of my all time favourites as is the waxing one on Mrs Browns Boys. They always have me in hysterics.

Chris Fielden
Thanks Diana :-)

Ah, the joy of Mrs Browns Boys... I shall add it to the page.

Julia O'D
Hi Chris. I am so pleased that I am not alone in finding flatulence hysterical. I know not why - I just do. The bean scene in Blazing Saddles still has me on the floor even after all these years.

Though not fart related, the bag scene in Django Unchained comes zooming into my top ten.

Anyway, just adding to the mix.

Thanks for giving me a good chuckle.

Chris Fielden
Thanks, Julia.

I haven't seen that in ages and had forgotten just how good it is.

I've added it the page :-)

Ann P
Thanks, Pal. I was going to to be amazingly creative in writing something for the 2019 short story competition, but I have just taken up all my 'writing time' reading/watching your collection of funnies.

And even if I had time I wouldn't be able to see what I'm writing because my eyes are all clogged up with laughy tears.  It's a good job I can touch-type or you wouldn't have got this message. Kind regards from a late subscriber.

Chris Fielden
Sorry for the distraction, Ann. Maybe I should put a health warning on the page and supply some tissues? It's on my 'to do' list... :-)

Patrick C
My mother, a 57 year old Jr. High school teacher, had left work early to take me to the doctor for a broken arm. On the way home Mom was doing 45 MPH down auto row which a few days earlier been changed to a 25 MPH zone. Just as we past the police department a set of blue lights came on behind us. Mom pulled over and the rookie officer swaggered up to her brand new Datsun 260Z and said to my Mother, "Flying a little low today aren't you Lady? Pilots license, registration and proof of insurance, please." Mom gathered the requested information and handed it to the officer. He glanced at the registration and proof of insurance, but when he looked at her license his jaw nearly hit the pavement. "May I suppose you have a drivers license also?" Mom peered over the top of her glasses at the young officer and in her best teacher to a naughty student voice said, "Well now, young man. That is NOT what you asked me for. Is it?"

My family friend, Ralphia, born and raised in Italy is loud and very expressive when she speaks. One afternoon she got pulled over by the City of Kirkland's fine people in blue. When the officer came to her car window she asked him in a loud voice, "Well, Officer, I suppose you pulled me over to sell me tickets to the Kirkland Policeman's Ball?" "Lady," the officer replied quite seriously, "Kirkland policemen do NOT have balls." Then realizing what he had just said, he turned bright red, and without another word walked back to his car, turned off his overhead lights and drove away.

Chris Fielden
Most amusing, thank you for sharing Patrick :)