'These darkly comic tales place the author snugly between Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Be sure: Chris Fielden is one funny feller.' Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Award winner.
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Blog Post Portfolio

I'm using this page to provide links to a smattering of the blog posts I've written. These are the ones I'm most proud of. Newer posts are at the top, older posts at the bottom.

How To Self-Publish Books and Sell Them

An article I wrote for Mythaxis, a platform dedicated to art and technology.

In the post, I talk about how to use Amazon ads to generate book sales and share a lot of statistics so you can clearly see how well they work. The stats include:

  • Money spent
  • Ad impressions (views)
  • Book sales figures vs advertising spend

I also discuss other promotional tools, like limited time discount offers.

The #1 Tip for Writing Humorous Stories

This is a guest post I wrote for my publisher, Victorina Press, all about the art of using humour in short stories.

How to Give Your Writing the Best Chance of Being Published

A guest post I wrote for Trish Hopkinson's blog, A Selfish Poet, about the importance of undertaking thorough market research.

How to get a Short Story PUBLISHED: Spend Less Time Writing & More Time…

After I listed a poetry competition for her, Geraldine Taylor asked me to write a piece about publishing for her blog. I did so. In the post, I discuss the importance of submitting and marketing your stories.

This post was originally written for the Writers' Village website. Sadly, that no longer exists. So, I edited the post, bringing it up to date, ready for publication on Geraldine's blog.

The Dark Secrets of the Cliché Cabin

I was invited to write for the Flash Fiction Festival in Bath due to running workshops at the event. A new cliché writing challenge was launched for the festival and this post talks about that and the other writing challenges run on this website.

Sadly, the post was removed after the inaugural festival had closed.

How To Self-Publish And Sell Books

I was apprached by Field of Words, an Australian blog, to write a guest post about my experiences with self-publishing books. Self-publishing has become very easy, thanks to platforms like CreateSpace and Lulu. However, marketing and selling books is still challenging and, often, difficult.

In this post I talk about how I go about selling my books and how I became an Amazon best selling author.

Sadly, Field of Words ceased to exist in 2019.

How To Use Facebook Ads To Get Email Subscriptions Without Having A Website

This is a post I wrote for Kindlepreneur - a website that helps self-published authors market their books and make sales. Dave Chesson, who runs the Kindlepreneur website, invited me to write for him after he saw the post I write for Matthew Woodward.

How to Self-Publish a Book - Self Publishing on Amazon Made Easy

I wrote this extensive tutorial for Matthew Woodward's award winning internet marketing blog. Lots of experts in the digital marketing industry are writing 'how to' books, so bloggers and SEO experts have a growing interest in self-publishing. Hence this post was written.

Cathleen Townsend Interview

Cathleen approached me about doing an interview after I judged the Thinkerbeat 'Shorties' short story competition in March 2016. She was one of the short-listed writers and found my comments in the Thinkerbeat forums very helpful, hence her request for an interview.

The Short Story Interview: Christopher Fielden

The Short Story asked me to do an interview about all things writing for their new website. The Short Story run a regular competition and plan to have many more interesting author interviews on the website in the future.

Tips on writing Humorous Stories

MASH Stories asked me to write some tips about using humour in stories. The site publishes loads of great flash fiction too.

Mash stories closed in 2016, so the website no longer exists.

Tips From The Top - The Essentials

Bruce Harris asked me to contribute some tips to a new section on the Writing Short Fiction website. This is a great resource and there is heaps of advice from many other published short story writers on the page.

Sadly, the Writing Short Fiction website closed in 2016, so the post is no longer avialble.

How To Get Your Story PUBLISHED - Advice From A Contest Pro

John Yeoman was kind enough to publish a post I wrote on the Writers' Village blog. It was a fabulous website for writers, crammed with writing advice and tips.

Sadly, John passed away in 2016 and the Writers' Village website disappeared shortly afterwards. John was always positive, encouraging and helpful - a true gentleman. He is deeply missed.

How to Give Your Short Stories the Best Chance of Being Published

I was invited to write a post for The Red Line, an online magazine that run a short story competition. I said yes. The post is about market research and other tips that might help short story writers see their work published.

Sadly, The Red Line website closed in 2016, so the post is no longer avialble.

Why You Should Attribute Good Content to Website Sales and Conversions

Written for Fat Media, where I used to work. This post looks at attributing sales and conversions to visitors attracted by the content on your website.

An Evergreen Content Case Study Pt 2 featured on Youmoz

This is a follow up to the original Moz post below, written one year later. It explores the continued success of theshort story competitions page.

An Evergreen Content Case Study featured on the Moz blog

This is a case study blog post about the short story competitions page on this website that I originally submitted to Youmoz. It was later upgraded to the main Moz blog. For those of you not in the internet marketing industry, Moz is one of the leading world agencies and they have a highly respected blog within the industry, so I'm proud to have had a post published by them.

Exterminate 5 - Google search queries that prove mankind is beyond salvation

This post does what it says on the tin. It looks at Google fails, and some of their more bizarre search suggestions. The most firghtening aspect of this is that the suggestions are based on what people type into Google the most.

The post includes links to the four previous posts.

The Value of Ever Green Content Marketing

This post details an experiment I conducted on this website, proving the kind of audience you can reach by generating regularly updated content that internet users find useful.

Space Bacon

Writing under the sudonym Chrispy Kirk, this blog detailed a project I was involved in that sent a Bacon Explosion (a BBQ delight filled with meaty wonderment) to the edges of space. Literally. Against all expectation, we succeeded. There is video proof on YouTube in a series of 3 vidoes.

Bacon in Space Video 1

The first video shows me, Dave Langdale and Pete Wailes designing and making the space capsual.

Bacon in Space Video 2

The second video is of us testing out the parachute. Basically, we lobbed the capsule off a 5 storey building.

Bacon in Space Video 3

This is the 3rd video and documents the actual bacon space flight, from launch near Bristol to recovery on a an off road motorcycle racing track near London.

Unfortunately, the website the post originally appeared on no longer exists as the business we undertook the project for closed down. I may add the post here at a later date.

Space Bacon Logo

Space Bacon Logo by Elisabetta Bruno



This page may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

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