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Clash of Clans AC/DC Base

Click this link to copy the base.

I play Clash of Clans. When I first wrote this page, I had a town hall 10 base and was in the process of upgrading heroes, troops and existing defences. As time has gone on, the base has become maxed out, then new town halls have been released... and so it goes on.

Clash of Clans AC/DC base

Clash of Clans AC/DC base

I've peppered this page with the evolution of the base. The page was last updated at the end of 2019, not long after the release of town hall 13.

ACDC Clash of Clans base with level 13 and 14 walls

Most recent screenshot after TH13 update, with level 13 and 14 walls

When this page was first published, my league was Masters 1 (now, I usually reside in Legend League). Without infernos, my base was getting flattened all the time and hadn't won a defence in months – the price you paid for a low war weight, back when that mattered more (this was long before Clan War Leagues (CWL) was introduced, and the updated Legend League). This meant it didn't really matter what I did with my home village layout. So I decided to have some fun with it.

AC/DC Clash of Clans base - scout view

AC/DC Clash of Clans base - scout view

I’m a big fan of AC/DC. Their most iconic logo – designed by Gerard Huerta in 1977 (learn about that here) – lends itself well to the gridded wall layouts in CoC. So, I designed this base.

AC/DC Clash of Clans base - walls only

ACDC Clash of Clans base - walls only

Anyone else got a base with a band logo layout? Be great to see it, so please get in touch.

Want to use these images? That's fine, but please credit me and link to this page.

Click this link to copy the base.


My clan is called Apocalypse (#Y2R9L9UU). If you play, feel free to look us up and join. We have an open policy to keep the clan active. Our clan message is:

We are Apocalypse. We play for fun and don’t take the game too seriously. We’re open to anyone 24/7. We like team players who donate, use their war attacks and have a laugh. We dislike drama. Come join the apocalypse brethren. English speakers only.

This works well and keeps the game interesting, but it does mean we are full most of the time.

Apocalypse Clan

Clan: Apocalypse

We have players from all over the world – UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, India, Indonesia and more – we just ask that people chat in English so we all understand what’s going on.

I’ve heard horror stories about clans that use spreadsheets, WhatsApp and stuff like that for planning wars. None of the clan have time for that – we have real lives and treat the game as a game, not a matter of life and death – but we are getting a lot better at wars and play to win. We just don’t cry too much if we lose.

AC/DC Clash of Clans base with level 11 and 12 walls

AC/DC Clash of Clans base: town hall 12 with level 11 and 12 walls

We concentrate primarily on CWL and are pretty good at that. We started off in Crystal and have gone through all the Master levels. We now teeter between Champions and Masters, usually doing 15 v 15 with our top players.

Bonuses are often awarded to players who don't get a chance to participate in CWL because their bases aren't advanced enough. We share the love.

AC/DC Clash of Clans base - level 12 walls

AC/DC Clash of Clans base: level 12 walls

We try and include everyone in classic wars to make up for the way we approach CWL. This means our war record is pretty shocking. The bottom end is often mismatched now, due to our high ranking in CWL. Still, we feel it's better to let people have a go and enjoy the game than worry too much about classic war ratings.

AC/DC Clash of Clans base - level 12 and 13 walls

AC/DC Clash of Clans base: level 12 and 13 walls

If you want to join, keep an eye open for a space. We clean out inactive players from time to time, so spaces do become available.

My player name is Topher Icecry (#29JQP8VR9).

Topher Icecry Clash of Clans player profile

Topher Icecry Clash of Clans player

When in Legend League, I usually use the AC/DC base as my home base. Feel free to look me up.

Click this link to copy the base.

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Hulk J
Please, post the link of AC/DC's TH13 layout. I want to use this layout as my home base. I'm a big fan of AC/DC too. Sometimes, I try to assemble a layout with the band logo, but I gave up, because I don't have the skills...

Chris Fielden
Hi Hulk. Sure, I have added links to the post at the top, middle and bottom.

Also, for ease, here it is again :)

Hulk J
Awesome, thanks Christopher... #9L8YL8YL my village code.

Chris Fielden
No problem, I’ll look you up \m/