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Metal Horns / Metal Hand Patches


Price includes FREE postage and packaging to any location on the planet

Sorry - no longer available

Metal Hand Patches - Description

These metal horns embroidered patches are emblazoned with original artwork that you won't find anywhere else. They are durable and made of high quality materials.

All the patches will need sewing onto a garment of your choice. They look great on most clothing, including jackets, waistcoats, fabric, leather etc.

There are 3 different designs to chose from. Each patch costs £4.49.

1. Flaming Metal Horns Patch


Sorry - no longer available

Metal Hand Patch

Flame Hand Patch Colours

This patch is presented in three colours:

  • red (flames)
  • black (metal hand & background)
  • white (outline of horned hand and edging)

Due to the white rim, the patch looks best if it is sewn onto garments using white cotton.


This patch is 8 centimetres (approximately 3.125 inches) in diameter.

2. Statue Skull Metal Hands Patch


Sorry - no longer available

Statue Skull Metal Hand Patch

Statue Skull Patch Colours

This patch has two statuesque hands on it, each giving the sign of the horns while errupting out of a circle of skulls. It is presented in two colours:

  • silver-grey (metal hands with skull bases)
  • black (background & edging)

Due to the black edging, the patch looks best sewn onto clothing using black cotton thread.


This patch is approximately 8 centimetres (3.125 inches) in width by about 8.5 centimetres (3.375 inches) in height.

3. Winston Churchill Metal Hand Patch


Sorry - no longer available

Winston Churchill Metal Horns Patch

Winston Churchill Patch Colours

This patch depicts Winston Churchill giving the metal hand sign, instead of the victory sign he is famed for. The patch is presented in 3 colours:

  • white (Churchill's face and metal hand)
  • black (Churchill's body, hat and outline, and the edging of the patch)
  • light green (background)

Due to its black edge, the patch looks best sewn on using black cotton thread.


This patch is approximately 8 centimetres (3.125 inches) in width by around 11 centimetres (4.25 inches) in height.

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